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Hey Pharma, Did you listen to Elon?

by Michael Shanler  |  April 3, 2016

The Tesla Model 3 was unveiled a few days ago.  There are already over 250,000 people plopping down $1,000 deposits to reserve a product they haven’t physically seen or touched yet.  This reminds me of those Apple frenzies regarding iPhone launches.  What could be so interesting and disruptive that rational people would do something like […]

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“Accelerating R&D” Key Initiatives for Life Science Manufacturers 2016

by Michael Shanler  |  January 27, 2016

Before each calendar year begins, we put a lot of effort into outlining areas of research and how these areas align with strategic key initiatives (KIs).  The life science-related  KIs for CIOs and IT leaders have been broken into several disciplined areas: Commercial (i.e. How to more effectively market optimal therapies and services to different […]

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IDMP Compliance Storm is Brewing for Pharma in the EU

by Michael Shanler  |  January 25, 2016

As we dig out in the US from the Winter Storm “Jonas” (aka #Snowmaggedon, #Snowpocalpyse #Blizzgazzhi, #Blizzard2016) and deal with snarled traffic, delayed flights and rescheduled meetings…it reminds me that the  IDMP compliance “storm” will arrive in similar fashion.  It will be forceful, messy, confusing.  Folks need to be prepared with what is predicted on […]

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3D-Printing Hits the Drug Scene

by Michael Shanler  |  August 4, 2015

This month, Aprecia Pharmaceuticals received FDA approval to manufacture a 3D printed drug tablet.  (See press release for “Aprecia Introduces its First Product Using the ZipDose® Formulation Platform for the Treatment of Epilepsy” )  Cool Stuff! Over the last few years, several clients have asked why is it even necessary to 3D print a drug.  […]

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Cool Vendors in Life Science

by Michael Shanler  |  April 24, 2015

Last week, Stephen Davies and I published the Cool Vendors report for Life Science.    The vendors mentioned are all relative new comers (either by incorporation date, or they have recently stabilized their products for early adopters.)   Specialist functions may be aware of them, but for the most part, they are still unknown within the larger […]

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First Crop of R&D Cool Vendors

by Michael Shanler  |  April 13, 2015

After what felt like New England winter that would never end…Spring is finally here.  Daylight hours are stretching, the rays of gold are streaking through the tall pines, and most of the &%$@# snow has finally melted, revealing ugly, muddy, brown earth.  However,  it will soon be beautiful.  I see a few promising blades of […]

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Gartner 2015 Life Sciences Agenda Has Published

by Michael Shanler  |  February 15, 2015

Last year, having spent an exceptional amount of quality time with clients, at conferences, and doing research, caused me to reflect on my teenage conversations with my grandparents.  Older, wiser people often talk about how knowledge, love (Happy Valentine’s Day, btw), courage, and making an impact on the world are the important things in life…but don’t […]

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Wearable Devices? Ha! What’s Your Appetite for Ingestibles?

by Michael Shanler  |  January 15, 2015

We’ve seen an explosion in wearable devices.  As for impacts of IoT and wearables in life science?  We are in the early days.  Today, some clinical trial designers are  leveraging technology on the wrist, over the chest, or on dermal patches for remotely monitoring heart, sleep, activity, motion, etc. Some data can even be integrated […]

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Life Science Track at Orlando ITxpo 2014 Symposium

by Michael Shanler  |  September 12, 2014

This year, Gartner has organized  a specific Life Science IT track on “Industry Sunday.”  This is a great opportunity for IT and CxO business leaders to have dialog about the “digital conversion”, how the Internet of  Everything will impact the industry, etc.     I’m also co-presenting a workshop on managing big data life science […]

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2014 Life Science Hype Cycle has published

by Michael Shanler  |  August 5, 2014

Fifty technologies are profiled by Gartner analysts in this year’s Hype Cycle for Life Sciences, 2014.    This is the most densely packed hype cycle since the LS HC  introduction in 2003.   This year, we added 8 new profiles and renamed a few others (with justification) to reflect the latest technology evolution.  The sheer […]

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