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Hype Cycle for Life Science R&D

By Michael Shanler | July 25, 2016 | 0 Comments

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This year, we unveiled a brand new hype cycle, one that is 100% Life Science R&D-focused.

moon hype cycle

“… the moon does not present the same face every day. It waxes, or grows larger, until it becomes a glowing silver-white disk. Then night by night it wanes, or shrinks, to a curved sliver until it vanishes altogether…”  Read more:

This all sounds a bit like the hype cycle, eh?   Lets run with this for a moment:  Every season, a handful of new, interesting technologies are introduced, while older ones disappear.  While the waxing technologies come into view and the waning ones fade, it is important to plan for your next phase and consider which technologies come into view.  Don’t forget the moon also has gravitational impact on the tides of business.

When the moon is obscured by the trees, buildings,  or clouds, it is difficult to pick out the details of our surroundings.  However, when the moon is exposed in its full beauty with its bright, haloed vibrancy, we can better understand our environment.   With the right telescopic settings, we can inspect the surface and edges with finer detail.  (I won’t comment on the legacy IT meteors that created all those craters). It also allows us to predict the impact of the powerful trends that are streaking across the sky- such as Machine Learning, Artificial intelligence, NLP, IoT and smart machines.  Conversely, when we use the wrong optics, the moon is just a dim, fuzzy blob and we can’t see the incoming projectiles.

Having a dedicated Hype Cycle for Life Science Research & Development (see link) enables us to improve our capabilities for calculating the impacts of technology on our surroundings.  This year we migrated the R&D-related technologies and added nine brand new technology profiles.  Doing so allowed us to re-balanced the existing  “Hype Cycle for Life Science” to more evenly represent supply chain- and commercial- focused technologies.  This other Hype Cycle will will publish any minute now. (It is in the final editing phase.)   I just didn’t want it to eclipse our focused R&D efforts…

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