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“Accelerating R&D” Key Initiatives for Life Science Manufacturers 2016

By Michael Shanler | January 27, 2016 | 0 Comments

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Before each calendar year begins, we put a lot of effort into outlining areas of research and how these areas align with strategic key initiatives (KIs).  The life science-related  KIs for CIOs and IT leaders have been broken into several disciplined areas:

  1. Commercial (i.e. How to more effectively market optimal therapies and services to different customers (patients, payers, providers, etc.)
  2. Accelerating innovation. (i.e. How to get a new innovation – drug, service, technology or product – to market faster?)
  3. Supply Chain (SC) (i.e. How to intelligently manufacture high quality products with compliance?)

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For R&D-related KI details, read:  Accelerating R&D and New Product Innovation in Life Sciences Primer for 2016 26 January 2016  G00292958

Commercial is covered by Stephen Davies.  Supply Chain quality, manufacturing and serialization, etc is covered by a host of other SC analysts.  I’m the lead for the R&D KI.  This year, I’m planning on breaking up the R&D-related research (research notes, surveys, executive briefing decks, workshops, presentations etc.)  into the topics below. While these will mostly be contextualized for life science (pharma, biotech, medical device, CROs, etc.), a lot of this material translates reasonably well into other scientific-domain manufacturing environments (crop science, materials, cosmetics, food and beverage, etc.)

R&D Tech Trends and Cool stuff:

  • Hype Cycle for Life Sciences, 2016
  • Cool Vendors in Life Sciences, 2016
  • Life Science Business Drivers
  • Top 10 Technology Opportunities for Pharma

R&D IT productivity:

  • Life Science CIO R&D IT Blueprint
  • Digital Strategy Development and Best Practices
  • Analytics and BI Maturity in Life Science
  • Embracing “Shadow IT” as Partners, Not Adversaries

Laboratory IT:

  • Laboratory of the Future
  • ELN/LIMS Maturity Model & Best Practices
  • Laboratory Informatics Market Guide for ELN/LIMS
  • Mind the Laboratory IT Service Gap

Clinical Development:

  • E-Clinical Systems Evolution
  • Patient Engagement and Mobile Apps in Clinical Trials
  • What’s Your Reality for Real-World Evidence (RWE)?
  • Identification of Medicinal Product (IDMP)…which was just published.

R&D while meeting regulatory compliance:

  • Regulated vs Non Regulated ECM Tug of War
  • Clinical Trial Data Transparency Readiness
  • RIMS Vendors Overview
  • eTMF Maturity

Of course, we’ll also contribute in special reports (IoT, 3D Printing, Digital Business, Industry Fluidity), manage tech profiles going into a bunch of related hype cycles (e.g. Healthcare, 3D Printing, PLM, Supply Chain), and stay on top of “first takes” for events and vendor M&A activities.

Yikes!   Time is flying. We are already burned through 1/12 of 2016.  Back to the research….

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