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“Accelerating R&D” Key Initiatives for Life Science Manufacturers 2016

by Michael Shanler  |  January 27, 2016

Before each calendar year begins, we put a lot of effort into outlining areas of research and how these areas align with strategic key initiatives (KIs).  The life science-related  KIs for CIOs and IT leaders have been broken into several disciplined areas: Commercial (i.e. How to more effectively market optimal therapies and services to different […]

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IDMP Compliance Storm is Brewing for Pharma in the EU

by Michael Shanler  |  January 25, 2016

As we dig out in the US from the Winter Storm “Jonas” (aka #Snowmaggedon, #Snowpocalpyse #Blizzgazzhi, #Blizzard2016) and deal with snarled traffic, delayed flights and rescheduled meetings…it reminds me that the  IDMP compliance “storm” will arrive in similar fashion.  It will be forceful, messy, confusing.  Folks need to be prepared with what is predicted on […]

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