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Pharma’s Illness Requires Digital Treatment

by Michael Shanler  |  July 31, 2014

The Pharma industry is sick.  The “patent cliff” has taken a serious toll as more drugs go generic.   R&D productivity is down as an aggregate across the entire sector.  Execs have been forced to excise the fat in continued efforts to lean operations (with diminishing returns).  However, staffing has been cut to the bone with […]

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Hype in 3D Printing? Absolutely…but some maturity, too.

by Michael Shanler  |  July 22, 2014

The 3D Printing “hype” hit full steam over the last few years.  (BTW –  I’m intentionally avoiding the word, “craze.”  ) While 3D printing for prototyping has been around for a few decades, main stream media really started to cover it after the technology price point became affordable enough to support the “maker” movement.  Below […]

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