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Predictions for 2014: Mind the (R & D IT) Gap

by Michael Shanler  |  December 13, 2013

When the snow starts to fall in many parts of the Northern Hemisphere, and the Southern Hemisphere packs their Bermuda shorts and suntan lotion…this signifies only one thing at Gartner:    Predicts Season! Over the past few weeks, many clients have received links to this year’s crop of technology predictions.  We fully expect many of these […]

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The “Digitalized” Era in Product Innovation Begins

by Michael Shanler  |  December 11, 2013

Wow. The turnouts at “Industry Sunday” in Orlando and Barcelona was quite impressive. For those who aren’t familiar, “Industry Sunday” is a day of dedicated IT tracks for some key verticals at the intergalactic Gartner IT Symposia. The benefit of attending for me was interacting on IT topics that are contextualized for the verticals. I […]

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