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In Marketing, Everything is an Event-Triggered Action

By Michael McCune | May 27, 2021 | 0 Comments

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Everything is an event-triggered action.

An airline ad broadcast to 12 million households is no different then emailing an offer link to 12,000 individuals who recently searched for flights.

Sense, and respond.

Event Triggered Actions Unlock Marketing ROI

Gartner offers great guidance for digital marketers on the design and execution of event triggered actions.

The problem is that the activity is usually delegated to one team in the marketing org and is optimized for detectable events.

Increasing customer lifetime value across ever more refined and targetable audience at scale is the promise of marketing’s digital transformation. Leaders struggle to fund and resource the effort.

Herein lies the rub.

Without framing everything as an event-triggered action, marketing will fail to make the persistent investment case necessary to see through its desired digital transformation.

What You Can’t Do Is More Valuable That What You Can Do

A disciplined team running marketing automation platforms or multichannel marketing hubs will work against a known set of detectable events. Prioritize those that are likely to occur at a key point of inflection in the customer journey. Orchestrate the event-triggered action. Optimize it through rigorous testing. And then execute what works at scale.

This makes for a good ROI for that team’s activity, but not for continued investment in digital tools and the change management effort necessary to transform all of marketing.

What marketing fails to do is identify and include all the valuable parts of the customer journey that it can’t sense and respond to. I call them negative events.

Your negative events should be far more numerous than positive events. But that is the point.

If each of those negative events is given a value attribution (or assertion), then you can demonstrate the total value of those negative events.

A fair total value should greatly outweigh the cost of investment to transform over several years. That is the persistent investment case.

Event Triggered Action Ideation Is Data-Driven Marketing

Brand health, Customer Satisfaction, Social Sentiment, Stagnant Revenue: these are all event triggers. They all impel a marketing response. An automated response? Maybe not (yet).

The point is that the marketing organization can create an operational model around Event Triggered Actions. Media buyers, print designers, copy writers, and data interpreters can all keep their specializations, but also come together as a whole or in agile groups to develop and document ever more event triggered actions.

Your process for documenting positive and negative events is the marketing muscle that will power the transformation of your organization.



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