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Can You Increase MarTech Stack Effectiveness in a Budget Freeze?

By Michael McCune | March 22, 2020 | 0 Comments

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With budgets on hold, now is the time to drive tool adoption.


The nature of technology means MarTech leaders focus the majority of their energy on tool selection and integration – less so on actual tool adoption.

That’s unfortunate, because our data shows that MarTech utilization is correlated with MarTech effectiveness  (subscription required):

Amidst the COVID-19 health crisis, many MarTech leaders will find their projects on hold. Our advice is to shift your focus to existing vendors and internal users. Engage them on tool adoption strategies and methods.

Three Suggested Actions:

  1. Talk to Your Colleagues: A few generic use cases drive most MarTech investments. But once implemented, new undocumented ‘hacks’ start emerging across the user base. Some of these might be unicorn workarounds, but others can be of deep value to your organization. Go to the front-line users to document and share new use cases that can lift utilization and drive more impact with existing tools.
  2. Call Your Vendors: Once the customer success team got you up and running, you likely relegated them to on-boarding new team members. Now is the time to reach out and ask how your peers find further success with the tool: What new use cases have they become aware of? What is their product roadmap?
  3. Deepen Your Partnership with IT: it might not be the time to undertake a full stack audit, but it can be a time advance your partnership with IT to another level. Our benchmark data is now tracking collaboration and control of the MarTech stack (subscription required) across 7 dimensions. The more formalized the MarTech planning process is, the more effective MarTech stacks are reported to be. Take the time now to discuss how you can improve your collaboration when budgets come back.

The above actions are all human based, and don’t require sign-off or project approval. They cost you time, but are worthwhile investments that can put you in a better place when we come through to the other side of this crisis.

Note: Further guidance for the marketing function on preparing for and responding to COVID-19 can be found here. For Gartner guidance across all functions, click here.

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