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More Microsoft Offerings in Magic Quadrant Listing

By Merv Adrian | November 02, 2016 | 0 Comments

MicrosoftMagic Quadrant

In Q3 2016, three additional Microsoft offerings were covered in Magic Quadrant reports: Disaster Recovery as a Service, Application Delivery Controllers and Application Release Automation.

Disaster Recovery as a Service makes its appearance in the MQ as a Leader first time out. Its ubiquity and appeal to Azure customers is obvious. Application Delivery Controllers and Application Release Automation both enter as Niche offerings, as is family typical with new appearances, and they reflect the resurgent Microsoft presence in application development beyond the “Windows-only” posture that characterized the pre-Satya Nadella era.

One offering slipped from Leader into Challenger: Enterprise Content Management was impacted both by Gartner’s redefinition of market criteria and by the scheduling of Microsoft Sharepoint Server’s newest release, which fell just after the window for this report.

The new quadrant of Quadrants is below – as always, bold means updated this year; italics new.slide1


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