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Will we ever get back to normal? How sales enablement can help you adapt and recover

By Melissa Hilbert | April 09, 2020 | 1 Comment

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As we enter the Nth week of quarantine, self isolation and social distancing, most of us are longing to “get back to normal”.  What we really should be thinking about is what will the new normal be?  I don’t think you can ever go back to the way you were.  We learn, grow and change as a result of our experiences.  Sales enablement must grow and help your sellers to change and adapt.

So what can the new normal look like for sales?  There have certainly been shifts in b2c purchasing (who knew bread makers would ever be so popular?).  But what will become of complex b2b sales.  For the near term sellers face a slowing of deals and shifting of priorities.  Many organizations are eliminating spend, delaying spend or scrutinizing and only purchasing essential technology.  If you don’t have sales enablement technology, now is a good time to evaluate and implement.  If you do have it, take full advantage of the capabilities it offers.

Sales enablement is one of those technologies that is really important in this uncertain and changing time.

Here are the top 3 things you should focus on with sales enablement:

  1.  Focus on sales training to enable reps to learn new remote selling skills by creating content and micro learning to help them prepare to sell in a remote environment, create relationships, and nurture skills customers to help them through the crisis.  Creating stronger sellers with more skills will be a strength and advantage as we move forward.
  2. Spend downtime with video coaching to practice and provide feedback, both manager to seller as well as peer 2 peer.
  3. Create content and develop skills to focus on building a strong pipeline so that your business can accelerate as we recover and you can begin to thrive as we move out of the turn.

For Gartner clients, you can take a look at the Market Guide for Sales Enablement Platforms here.

And remember to be safe, stay well and take care of yourself, your families, your friends and neighbors.

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1 Comment

  • Tatyana says:

    This is probably the question that is asked the most these days: will it ever be back to normal. Quite honestly, I am not even sure. People have to recover and find new ways, new jobs, gain financial safety to start buying again. I think the way to go for sales reps is to be training to be someone else. Otherwise, without a financial pillow, they are doomed for bankruptcy.