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What’s your Customer 360 philosophy: 100%, 80/20, or Deep-Six?

By Matthew Wakeman | June 25, 2021 | 0 Comments

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For years – decades really – marketers have been talking about the 360-degree customer view (a complete integration of all data about prospects and customers). Do you know what your 2021 approach to Customer 360 is going to be? If so, let us know in the comments!

Have you noticed – the more progress we make towards a Customer-360 view, the further away it seems to be?

  • Marketing technology has progressed – from relational databases supporting 1990s-CRM tools to unstructured, big-data-based cloud environments supporting 2010’s-CDPs.
  • In 2021, marketers are still talking about Customer 360 as a far-off goal.
  • From a pure numbers perspective, marketers continue to pursue customer engagement from more channels. That results in customer data from a greater variety of sources. Gartner’s MarTech research shows that even low-maturity brands employ 14 technologies on average, while some brands have deployed more than 64 marketing technologies (subscription required – Marketing Technology Drivers of Genius Brand Performance).
  • Numbers don’t completely tell the story here – because leading brands are the ones deploying 64 marketing technologies. And these are the most sophisticated brands in their usage of marketing technology.


Leading brands use their marketing technology in a sophisticated way – it’s not about how they acquire or implement it.

  • Successful organizations prioritize technology (and data) management in pursuit of specific and achievable marketing goals.
  • They don’t check off the boxes for marketing technology categories.
  • They don’t blindly follow trends.
  • In fact – successful organizations often determine the data and technology management plans BEFORE they start using it – putting themselves ahead of the game before it begins!


Marketers have choices for their 2021 Customer 360 approach. Which philosophy is closest to yours?

  • 100%: We’re all in for a 360-degree view; we just need to figure out how.
    • Full-speed ahead; we must get it completely right!
  • 80/20: We’re going to focus on the highest-impact data integrations right now 
    • We may – or may not – eventually get there. The destination doesn’t matter as much as the progress and iteration.
  • Deep-Six: We’ve completely opted-out of this.
    • We believe that the Customer 360 view is a MacGuffin – a thing that’s often-pursued, but never realized.


Let us know your Customer 360 philosophy in the comments!

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