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Acer New Product Launch of Tablets, Iconia and Smartphones… New Supply Chain Strategy?

by Matt Davis  |  November 24, 2010

Acer’s supply chain is known and benchmarked as a stellar example of end-to-end operational efficiency. It affords them some of the lowest price points in the PC marketplace. It is with this knowledge / perception of Acer that I watched the series of product announcements at their press conference and began to wonder… Is Acer moving away from their singular focus on cost?

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Supply Chain Segmentation Becoming a Reality: Dell & Converse

by Matt Davis  |  November 15, 2010

Have you ever heard someone say “Oh I don’t care what kind, just get the cheapest one”… and then in the next moment, “No, I don’t like that one.  It’s not me.  Let’s look somewhere else.”?  We all are constantly making choices and tradeoffs when we’re shopping.  Typically, we’re balancing our opinion of ideal cost, […]

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GE’s $2B China Investment… Implications for Supply Chain

by Matt Davis  |  November 9, 2010

On Tuesday, GE announced a plan to invest over $2B in China through 2012.  $500M for R&D and customer innovation centers and $1.5B for joint partnerships with state-owned enterprises.  A closer look at the joint partnerships shows a clear focus on infrastructure investment, primarily on electric grids and rail transportation. This announcement has huge implications […]

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