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You’re taking my toys away? Supply Chain risk in the news again… (Fisher-Price Recall)

by Matt Davis  |  September 30, 2010

I just read about the 10 million unit recall that Fisher-Price just announced today. Much like the Toyota recall, it’s amazing how a relatively few incidents can cause major disruptions in supply chain.

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RIM’s PlayBook (“the Blackberry tablet”) will muddy the waters in B2B electronics supply chain

by Matt Davis  |  September 28, 2010

The RIM PlayBook is a good example of collaborating with customers to become more market driven and could further complicate the demand mix between laptops and smartphones.

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One step must start each journey

by Matt Davis  |  September 27, 2010

Welcome High Tech Supply Chain Leaders! My first blog entry provides an overview of the main themes I will cover including:
1. Supply Chain Segmentation
2. Demand Sensing and Shaping
3. The Digital Supply Chain
4. Supply Chain Innovation for High Tech
5. The technologies and processes that support items 1-4

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Hello world!

by Brian Hellauer  |  September 13, 2010

Welcome to Gartner Blog Network. Stay tuned for more developments in the Gartner Blog Network!

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