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Signal of the Day: Private Missions to Space

By Marty Resnick | June 22, 2020 | 0 Comments

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According to the article, “Virgin Galactic, NASA To Develop Program For Private Missions To Space Station“, NASA will continue to rely on private companies to transport astronauts to the International Space Station, as well as, gearing up for a long-term presence on the moon and manned missions to Mars.

\Virgin Galactic is one such company that recently announced it has signed up with NASA to develop a program to promote private missions to the Internation Space Station in particular.

So why is this an important signal to follow:

The new International Space Economy, one that has been defined by the US Bureau of Economic Analysis as “the full range of activities and the use of resources that create and provide value and benefits to human beings in the course of exploring, understanding, managing and utilizing space. Hence, it includes all public and private actors involved in developing, providing and using space-related products and services, ranging from research and development, the manufacture and use of space infrastructure (ground stations, launch vehicles, and satellites) to space-enabled applications (navigation equipment, satellite phones, meteorological services, etc.) and the scientific knowledge generated by such activities”, will continue to grow through the privatization of space.

Industries like Space Tourism, Mining, Construction, BioSciences, and Manufacturing will all see great opportunities in space and will drive innovation at a rapid pace.

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