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Roles and Personas of Continuous Foresight

By Marty Resnick | January 31, 2020 | 2 Comments

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Continuous Foresight provides a methodology providing leaders the ability to understand disruptive forces, make the hidden, visible, and illuminate obstacles and opportunities from “blind spots.”  However, like many methodologies and frameworks, unless it is intentionally applied and weaved into the culture of an organization it is bound to fail. CIOs and leaders in enterprise architecture or innovation, must set the example and determine what type of role they will assume in the culture of Continuous Foresight. To create a diverse group of thinking, all these roles should be represented.

Stargazer– uses Continuous Foresight methodologies more out of interest, but fails to act on them.


Innovator –utilizes Continuous Foresight to come up with new and innovative business models.


Bystander –sits back and watches the future go by, reacting as needed.


Master Builder – leads the organization through architecting paths and steps to inventing and architecting preferable futures.

As a CIO or leader in enterprise architecture or innovation, you need to ask yourself what your role is going to be as you lead the effort of inventing the future for your organization.

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