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Marty Resnick
Sr Director Analyst
3 years at Gartner
20 years IT Industry

Marty Resnick is a Research Director on Gartner's Enterprise Architecture and Technology Innovation team based in Atlanta, GA (USA). Mr. Resnick's primary focus is on the role of the Enterprise Architect in the selection, recommendation and implementation of emerging technologies (e.g. virtual reality and augmented reality), as well as, the use of methodologies such as Agile and Design Thinking for use in ideation, innovation and achieving business outcomes. Read Full Bio

Continuous Foresight is more important than ever.

by Marty Resnick  |  May 14, 2020

if this pandemic has confirmed one thing, it is that the world is fast-changing and the ability to just respond to disruptive events isn’t enough.

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Inventing the future of Baseball – Architecting Athletes

by Marty Resnick  |  February 19, 2020

In honor of the publication of my latest note, Inventing the Future with Continous Foresight, and my love of baseball, I have decided to use this post to describe a plausible future concern for Major League Baseball, one that has become even more concerning based on the precedence, or lack thereof, for the recent Houston […]

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Roles and Personas of Continuous Foresight

by Marty Resnick  |  January 31, 2020

Continuous Foresight provides a methodology providing leaders the ability to understand disruptive forces, make the hidden, visible, and illuminate obstacles and opportunities from “blind spots.”  However, like many methodologies and frameworks, unless it is intentionally applied and weaved into the culture of an organization it is bound to fail. CIOs and leaders in enterprise architecture […]

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Introducing the Emerging Technology Wheel

by Marty Resnick  |  December 16, 2019

Organizations rely on enterprise architecture and technology innovation to navigate through all the hype of emerging technologies. Business stakeholders require a simple visualization informing them of the impacts, opportunities, obstacles, and outcomes each provides specifically to their business strategies. Each emerging technology offers promises to create opportunities to fundamentally transform business and lead to digital […]

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Continuous Foresight Podcast Roundup – As of 3/13/2020

by Marty Resnick  |  November 15, 2019

For those interested in keeping up to date with our Continuous Foresight Podcast, I will post a running list of the episodes that are currently available so you have a list of them in one place: Episode 13 – Continuous Foresight: The Emerging Digital Society A quick programming note to all of our listeners. This podcast […]

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Are We Just Storytelling Animals?

by Marty Resnick  |  September 13, 2019

Shameless plug – our new podcast published today! You can’t have a discussion with someone about the future, and especially emerging technologies, without eventually referring to a book, a comic, television show or some other form of science fiction. I can’t tell you how many times someone has brought up Ready Player One when I discuss virtual […]

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What if?

by Marty Resnick  |  September 5, 2019

Rudyard Kipling once wrote: ”I keep six honest serving men (They taught me all I knew); Their names are What and Why and When And How and Where and Who.” This quote is often used by journalists and writers to explain what makes a good article or story. In the context of Continuous Foresight starting […]

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Architecting Jedi (Sith)

by Marty Resnick  |  August 30, 2019

I have always bought into the idea that you can’t speak to someone about the future, without someone eventually referencing a movie, book, comic, or some other science fiction reference. For example, when I started talking about Augmented Reality, people immediately mention the movie “Minority Report”. The fear of artificial intelligence taking control without human […]

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Trendspotting for Continuous Foresight – Looking for the Next Next

by Marty Resnick  |  August 21, 2019

The first part of Continuous Foresight is to begin watching for and looking out for signals and catalysts of the “Next Next” for our organizations.  We are all futurists and trend spotters. We all try to look at signals, in our personal and professional lives and respond in one form or another. Hopefully, we are […]

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Multiexperience Transmedia Storytelling for a Unified Digital Transformation Strategy

by Marty Resnick  |  August 12, 2019

I spent the last weekend driving up to Baltimore, from Atlanta, to drop off my daughter’s cats that we were catsitting. Long road trips like these are made much more enjoyable while listening to a good and engaging book. Seeing as though this was a 26-hour roundtrip, I got to enjoy two such books, and […]

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