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Human Transformation – Is it time to get strategic about it?

By Marty Resnick | April 19, 2019 | 0 Comments

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Recently I asked folks in my social media circles to take a poll about about Human Transformation. (The unofficial and anonymous poll is still live if you would please participate in it here). My goal here is to understand the interest level and its perceived impact on Digital Transformation – which is an area I am exploring for future research.

Here are my initial thoughts and some of the immediate feedback I have been receiving so far. I think to start, I define Human Transformation as ” the enhancement of the human to increase their capabilities and expand their capacity (physically, cognitively, and behaviorally) through the use of technology and science”. Most responses in the survey were fairly close in meaning, but I would love to hear your response. I call out physically, cognitively and behaviorally specifically and look at them as:

Physically– enhancing a human by increasing their physical capabilities such as augmented reality, virtual reality, exoskeletons, implants (i.e. NFC), and even genetic engineering.

Cognitively– enhancing a humans ability to think and make better decisions. Augmented Intelligence (refers to humans and artificial intelligence working together to enhance cognitive performance, including decision making, learning and new experiences) and Smart Drugs would be examples of this.

Behaviorally/Culturally – training and encouraging our employees to be more innovative, diverse in their thinking, use design thinking, take a human-centred approach, those types of items are covered under this area, one in which I think organizations have been very intentional about without realizing it would fall under the Human Transformation umbrella.

Based on some very early initial feedback:

  1. More than 75% of respondents think Human Transformation is important to them personally, while only 50% feel its important to their organization.
  2. Overwhelmingly, participants in the survey think Human Transformation is critical to Digital Transformation
  3. Cognitive Human Transformation is leading the pack, in level of importance, followed by Physical

Again, this is still very early and am interested to hear your thoughts via the poll here.

I will leave this poll up for the next several days, and share more of the findings.

Also, please keep checking back to this blog as I will be focusing on this topic over the next several months here.




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