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Continuous Foresight Podcast Roundup – As of 3/13/2020

By Marty Resnick | November 15, 2019 | 1 Comment

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For those interested in keeping up to date with our Continuous Foresight Podcast, I will post a running list of the episodes that are currently available so you have a list of them in one place:

Episode 13 – Continuous Foresight: The Emerging Digital Society

A quick programming note to all of our listeners. This podcast was recorded on February 3rd 2020, long before the COVID-19 became a pandemic. On behalf of the Continuous Foresight team and Gartner, we remain confident in the ability of our clients to continue to lead and create a better future for all of us — even when working through times of unprecedented disruption.

Do you wonder what’s next after digital transformation? Frank Buytendijk, distinguished VP analyst, Gartner, joins Continuous Foresight hosts Marty Resnick, Kevin Gabbard and Steve Shapiro to talk about his research on the future and a post-transformation digital society.

Episode 12.-  Continuous Foresight: Methods for Futurists

What does it take to be a futurist? Continuous Foresight guest Jerome Glenn, Executive Director of the Millenium Project, joins hosts Marty Resnick, Steve Shapiro, and Kevin Gabbard to discuss what makes a futurist successful, research methodologies and how to create impact for your organization.

Episode 11 – Continuous Foresight: Skills for Inventing the Future

Are you equipped to explore the future of any topic?  Do you have the required skills? Dr. Andy Hines, Foresight Program Coordinator and Professor at the University of Houston, joins Gartner Continuous Foresight hosts Marty Resnick, Kevin Gabbard and Steve Shapiro to talk about his experience running a foresight program and the critical skills that he focuses on to prepare his students for foresight work.

Episode 10 – 

Continuous Foresight: Iterative Change Techniques

Bring your strategy toolkit into the future with Continuous Foresight tools. René Rohrbeck, Professor of Strategy and Foresight, Innovation & Transformation Chair at EDHEC Business School in Lille, France, is back for part two of the continuous foresight discussion. This time he tackles how organizations can use Continuous Foresight tools to connect external trends and insights with critical internal decisions — and define the partnerships that will span the business ecosystem. The first discussion took place on January 17.


Episode 9 – 

Continuous Foresight: Leading Through Uncertainty

Are you prepared to manage your strategy through an uncertain future? Have you led a critical decision by presenting a paradox? René Rohrbeck, Professor of Strategy and Foresight, Innovation & Transformation Chair at EDHEC Business School in Lille, France, joins Continuous Foresight hosts Marty Resnick, Kevin Gabbard and Steve Shapiro to discuss the development of foresight — its’ growing importance in strategy discussions and ways to use uncertainty to enterprise advantage. This is part one of that discussion. Join us on January 31 for part two, which will focus on tools and tactics used to connect external trends and insights


Episode 8

Continuous Foresight: Developing a Sustainable Business

The world is fast changing. Leaders are struggling to keep up, much less look ahead. Is Continuous Foresight part of your organization’s DNA? Dejan Paravan, Chief Innovation Officer at European energy trading company GEN-I, joins Continuous Foresight hosts Marty Resnick and Kevin Gabbard to discuss the role of innovation in business and how his organization developed a sustainable business through continuous innovation and intentional thinking about what lies ahead.

Episode 7

Continuous Foresight: Your Business Plan is Science Fiction

Why should a business utilize science fiction? What do you think your business plan is? That’s the message of Brian David Johnson, a leading expert on science fiction prototyping and threatcasting. Threatcasting is a sub-genre of forecast that details future threats and how the organization can track threat development and know when to respond. Brian David Johnson joins Continuous Foresight to walk us through why threatcasting is effective and how you can use it in your forecasting work.


Episode 6

Continuous Foresight: Every Organization Needs a Futurist

David Houle warns to fasten your seatbelts, that the 2020s will be the most transformative, disruptive decade in human history. As a futurist, David’s job is to anticipate trends great and small. That same approach can transform your organization, giving you a competitive edge in strategy and change. But can just anyone be a futurist? Join the Continuous Foresight discussion as David Houle, futurist and author of the new book, “Moving to a Finite Earth Economy – Crew Manual,” helps you determine what’s right for your and your organization’s future.


Episode 4

Continuous Foresight: Why You Need Nowcasting

When it comes to the economy, how high is your anxiety index? Of course, we need to do financial forecasting, but can we look too far ahead? Gartner expert Tim Raiswell joins the Continuous Foresight discussion to look at why you need to embrace nowcasting. How can we predict the next recession – or are we wasting our time trying? Here is Marty Resnick’s and Kevin Gabbard’s conversation with Gartner colleague Tim Raiswel


Episode 3

Trendspotting for Continuous Foresight

We are all futurists and trendspotters. We all try to look at signals in our personal and professional lives and respond in one form or another. Hopefully, we are proactive in our response, but admittedly most of us are reactive. Trendspotting is about detecting signs or, we call them, signals, of change happening right now, and these indicate plausible futures. In this episode, Gartner experts Kevin Gabbard and Marty Resnick discuss Trendspotting for Continuous Foresight.


Episode 2

Sci-Fi Storytelling for Continuous Foresight

You can’t have a discussion about the future without eventually referring to a book, a comic, a television show or some other science fiction. Reference stories and especially world-building are very powerful tools for Continuous Foresight. In this episode, we discuss the power of storytelling in business with the CEO of SciFutures, Ari Popper, who has worked with some of the world’s largest companies using sci-fi storytelling for transformation.

Episode 1

Continuous Foresight: Episode 1

Continuous Foresight is a discipline organizations perpetually use to gather, process, and take action on information about their future business models and operating environments. This first episode introduces the concept of Continuous Foresight and how this podcast series will provide a good mix of practical application, case studies, trends, and special guests informing listeners how  to scan, analyze, and recommend a list of plausible futures and strategies, to anticipate and embrace change, and manage uncertainty and ambiguity, to invent the future of the organization.

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