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Signal of the Day: Private Missions to Space

by Marty Resnick  |  June 22, 2020

According to the article, “Virgin Galactic, NASA To Develop Program For Private Missions To Space Station“, NASA will continue to rely on private companies to transport astronauts to the International Space Station, as well as, gearing up for a long-term presence on the moon and manned missions to Mars. \Virgin Galactic is one such company […]

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Signal of the Day: Satellites to deliver high-speed broadband internet to regions without access

by Marty Resnick  |  June 19, 2020

According to an article in the Financial Post, Elon Musk’s SpaceX applies for telecom licence as it eyes bringing internet to remote Canada, SpaceX (Space Exploration Technologies Corp) is seeking a Basic International Telecommunications Services (BITS) licence, which would authorize the company to carry telecommunications traffic between Canada and another country. This is all part […]

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Signal of the Day: Fluid-Structures make the Transformers a real-life possibility?

by Marty Resnick  |  June 18, 2020

According to The Next Web, Oh crap, the US Military has shape-shifting drones now, researchers with the US Army Research Laboratory and Texas A&M University just published research that explored fluid-structures. Essentially the idea is to create new drone-like vehicles that could change shape in flight to an optimal structure. For example, according to the […]

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Signal of the Day: Cloud as a driver for Change

by Marty Resnick  |  June 17, 2020

According to an article on Tech Radar, AWS believes it’s time to go all-in on cloud, almost all services that have supported people during the pandemic are delivered through cloud infrastructure. Services and products such as streaming media, online gaming,, telehealth, video conferencing, and e-learning. However, despite the flexibility and scalability of Cloud, AWS CEO […]

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Signal of the Day: Coronavirus Apps

by Marty Resnick  |  June 16, 2020

Germany has joined a growing list of other countries (Italy, Poland, and Latvia) encouraging travelers to download and utilize a mobile app that uses Bluetooth short-range radio to measure close contacts between people and issues a warning should one of them later test positive for COVID-19. This Corona-Warn-App “isn’t a cure-all. It’s not a free […]

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Signal of the Day: VR Exergames

by Marty Resnick  |  June 15, 2020

The University of Bath has published a study “Race Yourselves: A Longitudinal Exploration of Self-Competition Between Past, Present, and Future Performances in a VR Exergame” proposing an idea that “to make the positive racing experience accessible to non-athletes using a high-intensity cycling VR exergame: by recording and replaying all their previous gameplay sessions simultaneously, including […]

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