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Over 500 End User Inquiries

By Marko Sillanpaa | December 17, 2019 | 0 Comments

For those of you that are not aware, I joined Gartner in January of 2018. When I joined I thought I knew my role. I’d answer some end user inquiries, write research notes, and attend vendor events. I quickly found that while I knew the tasks, I didn’t have the levels right. For one, I didn’t think I would have taken 500 inquiries by November.

Now Serving 500 Inquiries

Through my twenty-five-years in the industry, I’ve always had client facing roles. Never had I had such wide varying depth and breadth into this industry. While a consultant, I had the most depth into an individual client’s needs, but the least breadth of exposure to various. In my specialist roles, I had more breadth across clients, industries and geographies but less depth in specific client use cases.

As a Gartner analyst, I have spoken to end-users in over thirty countries across the six habited continents. I’ve had questions from organizations across over a dozen industry sectors, from systems administrators to the C-staff. I’ve talked to end users looking to digitize warehouses full of paper to those looking to manage augmented reality content. I really enjoy answering end user inquires and helping them in their own efforts.

I have learned a lot from inquires. These five hundred inquiries formulate my questions to vendors. They are part of the basis for my five authored notes, five co-authored notes, and contributed to another three notes. They serve as my guidance for the notes authored by others that I’ve peer reviewed.

When I combine my inquires with those of my colleagues, Michael, Stephen, and Lane they create the nucleus of our content services research. When we further combine these insights with other research communities, it generates even deeper insights. One example is the New Work Nucleus research, which looks at how changes in content services, collaborative work management, workstream collaboration, meeting solutions, email and calendar, and documents, spreadsheets, and graphic all combined is changing the end user’s way of working.

Inquiries are just a one of the many research sources to which I have access. But they are the ones that have the most impact to my clients.

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