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As Mobile Messaging platforms overtake SMS, Mobile Marketers Should Embrace Them

By Benjamin Bloom | December 07, 2017

In the last 15 years, I've lived in 3 cities at 10 different addresses in two time zones.  Or perhaps I should count them by which mobile provider I used?  In order: Verizon (2 years) T-Mobile (3 years) Sprint (2 years)…

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Mobile Marketing Means Serious Business

By Noah Elkin | December 07, 2017

For marketers, mobile has "graduated" from emerging to dominant channel, a status it already enjoys among the audiences they are trying to reach. As a sign of mobile marketing's maturation, marketers now view mobile as one of the most effective ch...

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The Top Zero Customer Experience Trends for 2018

By Augie Ray | December 06, 2017

I love the holidays, but I hate "trend season." You know, how every blogger, agency, and media site has to publish its forecast for the hot trends in marketing and business. I saw a headline today that promised the megatrends that…

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“Mobile Doesn’t Convert”? Put a Fork in It

By Charles Golvin | December 05, 2017

Get yer fresh data, hot off the survey presses. Over the past couple of weeks, we here at Gartner for Marketing Leaders have unleashed a veritable tsunami of reports arising from our 2017 Survey on Multichannel Marketing Effectiveness. My excavati...

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Marketing Must Stop before the Start of 2018

By Jennifer Polk | December 04, 2017

Gartner’s 2017 research shows a connected thread between marketers’ strategy, spending and organizational structures. All roads lead to the customer, from customer experience as a strategic priority to customer data and CX innovation as key areas ...

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Brands Prioritize Tackling Fraud, Safety Challenges As They Pour More Money into Digita...

By Bryan Yeager | November 30, 2017

Marketers have been dealing with ad fraud and brand safety challenges since the earliest days of digital advertising. But these issues have more recently bubbled up to the top of the priority list for marketing leaders responsible for advertising ...