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Bridging the Insight to Action Gap with a Dashboard

By Benjamin Bloom | February 16, 2018

For nearly two years I ran my marketing team using a dashboard - how I got there is the story of moving from an avalanche of reports to a single performance view to drive decisions.  Despite the social and programmatic technology…

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Let's Talk About Augmented Reality, Shall We?

By Elizabeth Shaw | February 12, 2018

My demand for client advisory (known at Gartner as inquiries) on the topic of Augmented Reality (AR) is growing fast, especially from tech and retail industries.  That's because AR is now a tangible reality for marketing leaders, thanks to technol...

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A/B Testing in Marketing: The Customer's Always Right

By Anna Maria Virzi | February 08, 2018

A/B and multivariate tests are designed to let marketers know what messaging, content, offers and visual elements contribute to a lift in conversions. In effect, these testing techniques let customers signal what variations in messaging, images an...

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Super Bowl LII Ads: Multichannel Campaigns Make Progress, But…

By Anna Maria Virzi | February 05, 2018

Brands advertisers on the Super Bowl are slowly coming around to making their $5 million investments part of an integrated multichannel experience. But there’s clearly more work to be done. A decade ago, advertisers first posted their advertisemen...

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How Do You Make Sense of Your Martech Stack? Visualize It.

By Bryan Yeager | February 01, 2018

If you’re a marketing leader that has a hand in buying and deploying technology, you know that the martech landscape is vast, complex, chaotic and challenging to navigate. But you might also have a similar view as you look inward to…

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From BlueKai to AI: The Adventures of Omar Tawakol

By Martin Kihn | January 30, 2018

Swimming in the red ocean of ad networks in the mid-2000's, BlueKai was fish of a different color: a company that wasn't trying to sell you ads or buy them for you, but rather offered information about people. Were they in…

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Smart Hubs vs. Dumb Spokes: CDPs and the Undiscovered Country

By Benjamin Bloom | January 29, 2018

Star Trek VI memorably refers to the future as “the undiscovered country.”  Are Customer Data Platforms … the Undiscovered Country? A climactic space battle takes place at the end of the film.  The crew is about to save the day, when they come…

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The Big Game of Measuring Brand Advertising

By Lizzy Foo Kune | January 26, 2018

Marketers have long debated how to effectively measure brand advertising. So much, in fact, that we’ve published a few research notes on the topic, and we’ve even got a presentation discussing it at Gartner’s Digital Marketing Conference (Does It ...