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South Africa has Digital Officers too.

By Mark Raskino | September 15, 2014 | 0 Comments

Last week I attended Gartner’s annual Symposium in Cape Town. It’s always one of the most enjoyable events on our global circuit. The thoughtfulness and positive energy of South African IT leaders is inspiring, as they continue their journey to forge the systems of an emerging great nation.


This year it was interesting to note a few chief digital officer business cards starting to appear.  It’s a trickle not a flood but it shows that this new job role is now reaching all corners of the earth.  These few were not just digital marketers. They were the more strategic kind of CDO – looking at the whole of the firm and where digital shifts can make the most difference.

Digital business was of course the main subject of the conference. We had many intense conversations with CIOs about what digital really means in practice and how they should adapt.  A change of title is certainly not always needed – it’s more a change of perspective and posture. I have no doubt that the most successful CIOs and CDOs of the future will be creating the business technology agenda of their organisations, not just servicing it.

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