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The Future of High-Tech is Generative: The Idea on a Page

By Mark P. McDonald | April 21, 2021 | 0 Comments

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The modern economy is an information intensive economy.  Success in this economy depends on creating value from information and technology. This is why every company is becoming a technology company.

This raises the question, “if every company is becoming a technology company, then what is the future of high-tech?”  More specifically the future of high-tech solution and service providers.

Companies need technology to meet accelerating customer and competitive demands for innovative solutions. They use strategies based on information intensive business capabilities to meet these demands. Yet they rely on outdated provider models based on ‘technology enabling the business.’ These models are too slow, expensive, risky and limiting for a company where ‘technology core to the business.’

Currently high-tech providers sell pre-defined solutions that require configuration and customization. Technology providers define the focus, pace and direction of their solutions in a buyer-seller relationship. This works so long as defined solutions fit a company’s overall objectives. Failure or compromise on an objective puts the company at a competitive disadvantage opening the door for a different type of technology provider.

Modern technology companies value solutions that meet their needs, in their ways on their timelines.  They do not want to go it alone and recognize the role of high-tech providers. They just need a provider who works in new ways.  We describe that provider as a generative provider.  A generative provider incorporates advances in tools, technologies, management processes, etc. to lower the time, resource and risk barriers to building company specific solutions. Generative providers use continued advances in cloud services, API’s, analytics, agile and product orientation to meet the ambitions and needs of a modern technology companies.

A generative high-tech provider partners deeply with companies to focus on business outcomes, rather than technology products. Together they employ technologies to realize outcome without compromise or constraints imposed by defined solutions or their providers. Where others work within a definition of what is possible, generative providers work for the value beyond those possibilities. It is through that combination they accelerate companies putting technology at the heart of the business model and evolve that model at the pace of customer and competitor speed.

A generative technology provider (GTP) represents the future of high tech where every company is a technology company. Leaders recognize the information intensive and competitive demands of the modern economy. Some companies will compete in traditional ways with defined solutions and partners. Others will employ industry standard mega-platforms. Leaders embracing the modern economy will compete using generative approaches and providers to realize the value of outcome-based innovation and customer differentiation.

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