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Is VMware’s Horizon FLEX the answer to BYOD?

by Mark Lockwood  |  October 14, 2014

At VMworld 2014 in Barcelona today, VMware announced Horizon FLEX, which is essentially a marriage of multiple existing VMware technologies that, together, provide an interesting client-hosted virtual desktop option. ¬†FLEX utilizes Fusion, Player, Mirage, and some technology from AirWatch to allow fully-managed virtual desktops to exist on Mac, Windows, and Linux PCs. Why would VMware, […]

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The Secret Bottleneck of VDI

by Mark Lockwood  |  October 10, 2014

For years, organizations deploying VDI for the first time have felt the sting of the most common issue that plagues virtual desktops: inadequate performance from shared storage.¬† The storage infrastructure that has worked well for decades when used for servers is found to be dramatically lacking when virtual desktops are deployed to it; for that […]

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