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Identity Management Questions for AWS, Azure and GCP

By Mark Diodati | December 03, 2019 | 0 Comments

I am looking forward to the Gartner IAM Summit in Las Vegas next week. In addition to three talks on Office 365 and IaaS, I have curated a panel to discuss the state of identity management within IaaS. Joining me will be Karen Haberkorn (Amazon Web Services), Naveen Chand (Google Cloud Platform) and Stuart Kwan (Microsoft Azure). If you have been tracking the IAM/IaaS space, chances are good that you recognize at least some of those names. These folks have product leadership responsibilities for the IAM roadmap within these IaaS platforms.

There’s no way around it: sound identity management for your IaaS is essential. Without good IAM, you are at real risk for data breaches and denial of service attacks. And IAM is hard to get right for IaaS. There are hundreds of services, complex access control mechanisms, Active Directory-as-a-Service (ADaaS), multifactor authentication, API integration, user management … you name it. And it gets harder when you overlay multi- and hybrid cloud over the top.

Here’s the ask. Do you have any questions you want to ask our panelists about the state of IAM in IaaS? Please let me know. I have a set up a Google Form to capture your questions. I am not in the business of collecting information and will delete the Form data after we do the panel.

If you are coming to the IAM Summit next week, please join us for the panel, which will take place on Thursday morning—December 12. And stop by to say Hi!

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