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‘Directory Services, Federation, and the Cloud’ Document

by Mark Diodati  |  September 16, 2010

The document referenced in my prior posts about the Arcot and VMware acquisitions (¬†and is now published (subscription required). Here is the document description: In this assessment, Research Director Mark Diodati evaluates the abilities of off-the-shelf directory services and federation technologies that solve the increasingly prevalent provisioning and authentication challenges for cloud-based applications. Product […]

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Lawsuits Are Flying in the Active Directory Bridge Market

by Mark Diodati  |  September 13, 2010

Active Directory Bridge products enable interoperability between Active Directory (AD) and UNIX systems (e.g., Linux, UNIX, Mac OS). A few years ago, I was at the right place and time and named the product class. AD Bridge products essentially provide four capabilities: Authenticate UNIX users against Active Directory Enable single sign-on (SSO) between UNIX and […]

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