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Are Your Supply Chain Innovations Award-Worthy??

By Mark Atwood | January 27, 2016 | 1 Comment

When people think of Supply Chain and innovation, many times what become top of mind are the amazing products that we build and ship. The products, especially the buzzy ones, seem to get all the attention. Because of this, in 2013 Gartner launched its Supply Chainnovators program, to recognize innovative Supply Chain techniques, capabilities and initiatives. We built a robust methodology to identify, evaluate and applaud Supply Chain stories that we felt were the best of the best at our Phoenix Supply Chain Executive Conference. The program formed a nice companion piece to our Supply Chain Top25 Program, which looks at end-to-end Supply Chain excellence.

Since then, our interest in Supply Chain Innovation has only accelerated. As my colleague Virginia Howard has written, we are facing a decade of major digital disruptions that will reshape every industry. And the supply chains that support them. The speed of competition/changes in business models and customer expectations are accelerating the pace of experimentation. Recent research tells us that Supply Chains with a formal approach to innovation are more likely to:

• Be directly involved in setting corporate strategy
• Deliver competitive advantage

As a result, we have extended our Supply Chainnovator efforts over the last two years and contextualized them into Industry-specific research. And now, after two very successful years running a Healthcare Supply Chainnovators awards program, this year we will further develop the program and will award two Supply Chainnovators for each of the three Industry Exchanges at our Phoenix Conference, on May 16 2016:

• Healthcare Exchange (HCX): Life Sciences Manufacturers, Distributors, and Healthcare Providers
• Consumer/Retail Exchange (CRX): Consumer Products Manufacturers and Retailers
• High-Tech Manufacturing Exchange (HMX): high-tech OEMs and external manufacturers for high-tech, and industrial OEMs and distributors who leverage high-tech in their solutions

We want to hear your Supply Chainnovation Story if you think it deserves to be heard!
To accomplish this goal, we are looking for game-changing supply chain initiatives or activities in the past 30 months that have enabled innovative new ways of doing business or resulted in significant ROI. Willingness to share details, frameworks, graphics, qualitative and quantitative impact data are the ticket to admission. The three key words we’ve emphasized in this research platform are: unconventional, collaborative, and high-impact. You don’t have to have the most mature supply chain overall for this award – you just need to be innovative in a specific area.

The submission process is simple: identify your Supply Chainnovation, and complete the following Request For Information via a simple email back to Gartner:

Gartner Supply Chainnovators Request for Information

  1. Identify your name, company, title/role, email address and phone #, and which of the three Industry Exchange programs you are aligning to
  2. Describe your Chainnovation – Title and Short description
  3. Why your Supply Chainnovation Is Notable (3-5 Sentences)
    – Qualitative impact on SC and overall performance (process gains, impact on goals)
    – Quantitative Impact on SC and overall performance (financial, measurable gains in KPIs)
  4. Drivers for Supply Chainnovation (3-5 Sentences)
    – Conditions and circumstances that led to specific initiative/activity
  5. How Supply Chainnovation Was Achieved – Resources, Timeline, Funding (3-5 Sentences)

Please send via email to Valerie Hoffman ( or me (  no later than Friday, February 5th. Once we have the submissions, we will select 4-6 companies for each Industry Exchange to interview later in February. We will then select two final winners for each Industry Exchange for recognition on the Phoenix stage in May 2016, and will also publish a series of research notes starting in May.

Good luck and we look forward to hearing from you!

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1 Comment

  • Luke Brunner says:

    Hi Mark,

    Will this award be available again this year (2017). We have a super innovative program for developing future New College Graduates within our organization here at Oracle and would love to apply.
    Luke Brunner