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B2B Marketers: Should you be Blogging or Vlogging?

By Marc Brown | June 27, 2018 | 3 Comments

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As I mentioned in “Exploring New Marketing Mediums to Drive Better Engagement”, marketers need to explore and evaluate new ways of engaging their targeted audience. But, for B2B marketers, should you consider vlogging in place of blogging? What are the potential benefits and tradeoffs? Both formats allow you to provide information, updates, customer reviews, and opinions.

So, what should you consider when selecting one versus the other?


Vlogs are easy to share, and they appeal to a range of people…both business and end-users. A vlog about designing secure software could be interesting even to someone who doesn’t have the tools needed to try it themselves. Similarly, many people who don’t have time to go events watch vlogs about sessions they are interested in or news outlet summaries. Also, watching videos is typically faster than reading articles and potentially more engaging if done right.

Blogs appeal more to people who need detailed or technical information. With a blog post, you can list all the sources for your article so that readers can check the facts. It’s also easy to include links to other helpful information. Vloggers don’t have that luxury, as viewers could misspell referenced sites or make other mistakes, keeping them from finding key information they need.


Vlogs work best with less complex topics you can show viewers. For example, you can make a video that shows people exactly how to perform fun experiments, configure a security appliance, or assemble your company’s products. Vlogs are also great for sharing information from your company’s executives or interviewing guests.

Blogs are best when the information you need to convey is complex, detailed, or references other pieces of content. You can include convenient indexes or headings so your readers can see exactly what each section is about quickly. If your readers are looking for specific information, they can find the information quickly and easily without having view a complete video, or worse yet, trying to skip through the video to find the information relevant to them.


Vlogging is usually more expensive than blogging because it requires video equipment – potentially sophisticated equipment. For a quality vlog, you’ll need one or more microphones, a good camera, and a quiet place to make your videos. Some vloggers utilize elaborate sets or even a green screen. Others use advanced sound mixing equipment along with separate camera crews or sound specialists. With a blog, you only need a computer and access to the internet.

Additionally, traffic from vlogs is harder to monetize since viewers can’t click on interesting links as easily as they can with blogs. You can still add links in the comments to your videos and mention affiliated products, but tracking is more difficult.

So, what’s best for B2B marketers? Neither in my opinion. B2B marketers should be using both – increasing their video use where possible through a balanced strategy based on audience and topic.

What are you doing?

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  • One thing I’m constantly reminding my B2B clients is that the buyers or their product/service that their sales team interacts with during the workday…becomes a parent/consumer/individual outside of the office. The media they consume on their personal time, whether video or static, will in many ways carry over into their work lives. Blogs or vlogs…depends on who your buyer is and how they consume content.

  • Hi Marc ,
    Agreed that Vlogs is one of the best medium for brand awareness among B2B and B2C segments. If Industry get success to reduce input cost on video content production ,it change whole course B2B Marketing . It is one of the biggest reason template based Video Library Services getting traction to fuel this segment.
    Best,Rajesh Parashar

  • You mention the drudgery of skipping through a video to find relevant info. Vloggers — and any other b2b video publishers — can make it easy for viewers to navigate a video by making the video interactive. It’s easy, with open source software from h5p It’s free, simple to implement and use, based on HTML5, compatible with WordPress and other frameworks.

    You can add eLearning features like quizzes and branching. Simply displaying clickable chapter headings at the start gives the viewer a pretty clear idea of how much value she’ll get for the investment of time. That’s a plus for customer experience.


    Bruce McKenzie