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Gartner Publishes Detailed Market Guides for Value Stream Platforms

By Manjunath Bhat | November 12, 2021 | 0 Comments

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In 2020, Gartner introduced two emerging market categories – VSDPs and VSMPs accompanied by their respective basic market guides. Throughout the year, we saw a huge uptick in interest and appetite for more in-depth guidance on  the evaluation of these platforms. In addition, clients acknowledged the need for value stream management as a way to improve flow and minimize friction in the software delivery process.

Here’s how the two markets relate to each other in terms of scope and function:


This month, we are pleased to publish detailed updates to both market guides with vendor descriptions, new vendor additions, use cases, critical capabilities and recommendations. We outline how the two markets are different in their approach and scope yet help organizations maximize flow and minimize friction in software delivery. An interesting aspect of these technologies is that they are neither mutually exclusive nor obviate the need for each other.

Highlights from Market Guide for Value Stream Delivery Platforms

Market Definition

Value stream delivery platforms provide fully integrated capabilities that enable continuous delivery of software. These capabilities may include planning, version control, continuous integration, test automation, release orchestration, continuous deployment (and rollback), monitoring, security testing and analyzing value stream metrics. VSDPs integrate with infrastructure and compliance automation tools to automate infrastructure deployment and policy enforcement.

A unified platform provides end-to-end visibility and helps reduce cycle time by minimizing friction due to handoffs and improving consistency in workflows.

Figure 1. Key Capabilities of VSDPs

Market Categories That Overlap With VSDP

The figure shows VSDP providers that have overlapping functionality across these distinct markets

Highlights from Market Guide for Value Stream Management Platforms

Market Definition

Value stream management platforms enable organizations to optimize end-to-end product delivery and improve business outcomes. VSMPs are tool-agnostic; they connect to existing tools and ingest data from all phases of software product delivery all the way from customer need to value delivery. They help software engineering leaders identify and quantify opportunities to improve software product performance by optimizing cost, operating models, technology and processes.

By 2023, 70% of organizations will use value stream management to improve flow in the DevOps pipeline, leading to faster delivery of customer value.

Value Stream Management Platform Capabilities

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