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Research Roundup for DevOps, 2019

By Manjunath Bhat | December 25, 2019 | 2 Comments

DevOps is the results-oriented mindset that addresses IT complexity with agility, collaboration and automation. Gartner’s 2019 research covers DevOps culture, best practices, and technology that will enable organizations to scale their DevOps initiatives.

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Here’s the top highlights of DevOps focused research in 2019. We wrapped 2019 with insights spanning DevOps culture, best practices, toolchains, technologies, SRE and chaos engineering. Starting 2020, we will combine agile and quality practices and aptly rename it as ‘Agile and DevOps’ Key initiative.

Predicts 2020: Agile and DevOps Are Key to Digital Transformation
Disruptive Changes in Agile and DevOps
How to Scale DevOps by Building Platform Teams 
Platform Product Team Servicing Product Teams
6 Steps to Increase DevOps Release Velocity by Removing Constraints
Six Steps to Increase Release Velocity
Foster Communities of Practice to Ensure Successful DevOps
Characteristics of Collaborative Groups
How to Safely Begin Chaos Engineering to Improve Reliability
How and When to Apply Chaos Engineering
How to Fix the Software Engineering Resource Gap in I&O
Strategies for Developing Software Engineering Resources on Platform Teams
Four Steps to Adopt Open-Source Software as Part of Your Test Automation Stack
The DevOps Toolchain

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