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Manjunath Bhat
Research Director
1 years at Gartner
16 years IT Industry

Manjunath (Manju) Bhat is a Research Director within Gartner's Mobile and Client Computing group, where he advises clients on all aspects of enterprise mobility. Read Full Bio

How to Measure and Enhance Digital Workplace Experience

by Manjunath Bhat  |  August 29, 2020

In this post, I will share insights from a recent call with a client who wanted to create a best-in-class employee experience. With most employees working remotely, this becomes esp. important not only for employee productivity but also for employee engagement.  To set the scene, this is about creating engaging employee experiences from an end […]

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A Generic Framework to Predict Survival Rates of Technologies

by Manjunath Bhat  |  July 5, 2020

As technology leaders renew their business operations and rebound from the current crisis, the onslaught of new technologies poses fundamental questions – which technologies are safe bets? How should technology leaders make informed decisions to future proof their investments? What does ‘survival of the fittest’ mean when we draw the technology landscape? Although it is […]

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Market Guides for Infrastructure Automation and Service Orchestration and Automation Platforms

by Manjunath Bhat  |  May 17, 2020

The past few weeks have been busy for the Infrastructure and Operations research team at Gartner. We published two critical Market Guides related to IT automation. We see automation as a key lever for efficiency gains, productivity improvements and cost savings. Infrastructure Automation, in itself will not save you money, at least not in the […]

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Remote Work is the Next Big Equalizer

by Manjunath Bhat  |  May 3, 2020

Digital technology has democratized access to resources unlike any technology that came before it. Democratizing access to resources lowers the barriers to innovation and enables everybody to partake in the ensuing prosperity. There are five forces that act as equalizers in the digital age: Internet   Open source Mobile and Cloud Artificial Intelligence Remote Work […]

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Research Roundup for DevOps, 2019

by Manjunath Bhat  |  December 25, 2019

DevOps is the results-oriented mindset that addresses IT complexity with agility, collaboration and automation. Gartner’s 2019 research covers DevOps culture, best practices, and technology that will enable organizations to scale their DevOps initiatives. Action Item to Stay Up to Date on Agile and DevOps research Click here to sign up for the latest insights on […]

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How do you Keep Yourself and the Team Motivated in a Startup?

by Manjunath Bhat  |  October 2, 2019

I was recently asked this question in a private chat. How do you Keep Yourself and the Team Motivated in a Startup? I bring a first-hand perspective to this question having built a team from the ground up.  I can certainly say that  it’s almost like growing and tending a garden. There are no easy […]

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More Data will Lead to More Ignorance

by Manjunath Bhat  |  September 21, 2019

Disclaimer: Gartner blogs present an analyst’s individual opinion and is not peer reviewed. Should not be treated as official Gartner opinion as such. This essay describes how humans will live in a world that is abstracted away from its true nature. Summary: When every digital tool aims to create a simplified and tailored view of the […]

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The Need for Single-Purpose Endpoint Management (SPEM) tools

by Manjunath Bhat  |  March 7, 2019

Sometimes, organizations have minimal needs when it comes to managing endpoints. For example, you may want a dedicated solution to manage Android tablets at scale for  Frontline workers, Windows-based Kiosks in a bank or student iPads in a classroom. The needs may be narrow in scope but are enormous in scale. They are business-critical and […]

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Four Steps to Adopt Open-Source Software as Part of the DevOps Toolchain

by Manjunath Bhat  |  February 8, 2019

If you love open-source as much as I do, dig in to the research that Chris Little, Daniel Betts and I put together to help you adopt OSS as part of your DevOps toolchain.  I hope you enjoy reading it as much as we enjoyed working on it. Four Steps to Adopt Open-Source Software as Part of […]

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Thoughts and Top Trends from the Tech Show IFA 2018

by Manjunath Bhat  |  September 9, 2018

Top Trends: Ecosystem around conversational interfaces getting stronger One of the top trends is that conversational interfaces underpinned by AI technologies now have an ecosystem developing around them. While Apple and Google dominate the mobile-first ecosystem through their respective platforms and app stores, Amazon Alexa and Google voice assistant present the next frontier for a […]

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