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How Gartner Advisory Helps IT Leaders Leap Forward

By Lucas Kobat | April 13, 2021 | 0 Comments

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Hey everyone, I’m Lucas Kobat. As an advisor here at Gartner, I assist IT leaders with their mission critical priorities. Our canon of best practice research contains indispensable insights into what the best companies do. Let’s take a look at how I can help you make those insights actionable to tackle your top of mind challenges.

How I Help IT Leaders Leap Forward

I personally have the honor of assisting CTOs, Chief Architects, and Portfolio Leaders. I cover topics like developing business and IT strategies, transforming business and IT operating models and fostering technology innovation.

In my role as an advisor, I work directly with our clients on a daily basis. This high volume of client interaction allows me to provide contextualized advice for your top of mind challenges. Clients often find assurance knowing they are not alone. Additionally, they are eager to learn from others who have gone before them.

Gartner advisors provide services contextualized to the needs of IT leaders. As an advisor, I frequently provide document reviews, hold discussions on industry trends, facilitate workshops, and engage in general inquiries. We have both the content and the delivery method to provide you an impactful experience, whatever your topic of interest or question might be.

Start With Key Gartner Programs

However, you could be unsure of where to begin. In that case, I strongly advise you to consider how Gartner Advisory can help IT leaders through either the Gartner Score or BuySmart program. The Gartner Score is a diagnostic positioned to provide you a prioritized list of action items to inform your functional strategy and accelerate your maturity. The BuySmart Program is designed to act as your guide to any new technology purchase. Wherever you are in your tool-buying journey, we have tailored guidance that will get you confidently across the finish line.

Don’t Hesitate, Contact Me Today!

To further understand how Gartner Advisory can help IT leaders, email me directly or reach out to your Gartner account person. I’m currently located in the upper Midwest of the United States so, if you’re in the region, give me a shout. But, regardless of where you are, I’d be more than happy to support you!

All the best,
Lucas Kobat

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