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Kick off – Process, Application and System Behavioral Monitoring Research Initiative

By Lawrence Pingree | July 10, 2019 | 0 Comments

Technology and Emerging Trends

Hi Folks,

Been a while since I’ve blogged on the Gartner blog network. I am working on a new research initiative for product managers and product innovators. I’m delving into the world of process, application and behavioral monitoring to document the innovations occurring, emerging technologies and use cases in this area. If you are a technology provider, please take some time to engage me in a Gartner vendor briefing to help enrich my research in this emerging technology area.

Things I am interested in:

  1. What providers (or third party OEM or open source code) you use to help construct your monitoring capabilities?
  2. What big data backends, analytics solutions, UI frontends and frameworks you are using to create your offering?
  3. What machine learning or deep learning algorithms you are applying (if any) and what backend engines you are using do to so?
  4. What use cases you are currently offering or in development in the lab?
  5. What other technologies you are coupling together to enhance your use case. (External telemetry, integrations, etc)?
  6. What your future vision is with leveraging these techniques and how to do think it impacts competitive market dynamics?

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