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How is Threat Deception Client interest evolving from last year?

By Lawrence Pingree | October 17, 2017 | 1 Comment

Last year, I published a quick rundown of the searches on for Distributed Deception Platform providers using the provider name as a search term. I decided to take a look at the changes from year over year. Below is the results of my quick analysis and a table of Distributed Deception Platform providers and how client searches on have shifted from last year to this year (trailing 12 months). Essentially – client interest in Deception against attackers has grown by 6.6% over the past 12 months. For more information on this market, see my research titled “Competitive Landscape: Distributed Deception Platforms, 2016“.


Gartner Search Analytics Statistics for (
Distributed Deception Platform Providers
7/6/2016 10/17/2017
Acalvio N/A 14
Attivo Networks 65 49
Countercraft N/A 13
Cybertrap N/A 1
Cymmetria 17 27
Guardicore 35 40
Illusive Networks 38 58
Javelin Networks 1 7
Smokescreen 0 32
TopSpin 16 12
TrapX 112 64
Total 284 303 6.60% Change

Note: To obtain real-time access to this data along with regional and company segmentation size, you can talk to a Gartner account executive about our “Search Analytics” functionality.

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1 Comment

  • Dan Brett says:

    Thanks for data Lawrence. Great to see interest in DDPs in general growing, and across most vendors too.