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What should I ask Microsoft, Box and

By Larry Cannell | August 04, 2014 | 4 Comments

Next week I am moderating a panel discussion entitled “Social Software Smackdown” at the Gartner Catalyst Conference in San Diego. On the panel, we have:

The theme of the panel is the new enterprise collaboration and social software market, which has been completely transformed by consumerization, mobility and cloud computing.

Catalyst is my favorite conference of the year. It gets the best and brightest IT professionals together in one location for one intense and eventful week. The resulting conversations are fantastic. Catalyst is the signature event for Gartner for Technical Professionals.

However, I need your help.  If you had the opportunity to ask Microsoft, Box or any question, what would you ask? The questions must be related to their enterprise social software products and relevant to the IT professional.

Feel free to post your suggestions in a comment below, mention @lcannell in a tweet or email your suggestions to

Thank you for your help and I hope to see you in San Diego next week!

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  • R Varadarajan says:

    To Microsoft

    U have Lync and skype now…..what is the road map for both in terms of positioning?
    What is the possibility of having video chat / conference facility between Lync and Skype?

  • Eric Stotts says:

    I would ask Mr. Pisoni about the Gartner Report from April 9th, titled, “Redefine Microsoft’s Role in Your Web Strategy as SharePoint Moves to the Cloud.” How does Microsoft plan to support customers who primarily installed Sharepoint infrastructure on premises? How should they plan to migrate their custom developed applications to the cloud, and at what cost and/or risk to key business processes? 🙂

  • David says:

    To Salesforce:

    Do you have plans for improve the UX (User experience) in the platform? Salesforce is my favorite but Highrise have more adoption because of it’s UI (User Interface)

  • Eric Deferm says:

    We’re about to replace our current mail platform (Lotus Notes) by MS O365 or Google Apps for Business. We’re already running SF CRM & Chatter. We’ve started to develop an ESP/N on using SF Chatter. When deploying O365 or GAfB we’ll have the possibility to enable a 2nd EPS/N, being Yammer or Google+.
    How can we integrate the new ESP/N (Yammer / G+) w/t existing ESP/N (SF Chatter)?
    Is it worth trying to integrate them, or would we be better of by shutting down one or the other?
    Can we expect any integration efforts by MS & SF w/ regards to their corresponding ESP/Ns?
    Could that integration on the long term go into the direction of the mail equivalent of SMTP, begin Simple Collaboration Transfer Protocol?