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We’re Hiring Cloud Experts – Why Work for Gartner?

By Kyle Hilgendorf | January 23, 2014 | 0 Comments


In just two short weeks I will hit my third anniversary with Gartner.  I am often asked by peers, clients, vendors, colleagues and friends what it’s like working as an analyst at Gartner.  But more importantly, we have two new open positions right now and I wanted to entice those of you that are interested to look at the positions, read this blog and if it sounds like a fit – apply.

Virtualization and Private Cloud Analyst

Public and Hybrid Cloud Analyst

As I reflect on my three years at Gartner, here are the things I love most about working here.

  1. The Gartner research community is an incredible thought-leader warehouse that has a small family feel.  On a daily basis I am blown away by the amazing depth of thought and analysis that comes out of the collective Gartner research division.  You would think that among this many intellectual individuals, most of whom have been high performers in previous jobs, would come with an insane amount of ego and competitve natures.  But by in large, the majority of the time, I find quite the opposite.  The team atmosphere and dedication to uncovering the right analysis drives a true value for one another and partnership for the greater goal rather an individual achievements.
  2. Being a Gartner analyst is a truly unique industry position.  Over the course of each of my years, I have had the opportunity to speak intimately with several hundred end user organizations.  These engagements happen daily on phone inquiries and regularly in conference one-on-ones or on-site and face to face visits.  I had a really good perspective prior to Gartner about what the company I worked for needed and wanted.  But now I have a great perspective on what many organizations collectively want and need for business solutions.  This knowledge allows me to think and analyze what the industry actually needs and make recommendations to vendors and providers to help move the industry forward.  I have truly come to cherish my access to each of the Gartner clients that interact with me and the trust they put in me to help advise them strategically and tactically.  Finally, Gartner is objective.  We do not accept any vendor money to sponsor research.  Not once have I ever been influenced or forced to write anything other than what my own research has uncovered.  Gartner takes this very seriously and it is what makes Gartner the best analyst firm in existence.
  3. Gartner offers a great work-life balance.  The majority of Gartner analysts get to work from home.  Working from home is not for everyone and it could get lonely, but personally I love the flexibility it offers for me and my family and the quiet atmosphere that a corporate environment with cubicle farms can never offer.  Furthermore, even though most of us work from home, I very much feel part of a team environment.  We leverage phone and video conference technologies frequently and engage in conversations to keep the interaction alive.  In many ways I feel as much a part of a team working from home as I ever felt working in a cubicle farm.
  4. Gartner is committed to the needs of our clients.  It’s a statement all companies make.  But I have found Gartner to really mean it.  I think a big reason for this is because each of us talk directly with our clients every single day.  It’s easy to remember your focus when we interact with that focus (our clients) routinely.  But Gartner as a company keeps investing in what our clients want also.  A great example are these two open positions.  Cloud Computing continues to be a fast growing and in high demand coverage area for our clients.  Therefore, we are hiring more experts.  These experts will get to work alongside already great cloud colleagues such as Lydia Leong, Alessandro Perilli, Chris Gaun, Gonzalo Ruiz, Drue Reeves, Douglas Toombs….and many, many others.
  5. Gartner stratifies its research.  Gartner has always been known as the best for CIO and Senior IT Leadership research.  But Gartner has also broadened and invested in other areas of resarch.  I work in the Gartner for Technical Professionals research division, an area of research aimed at senior level technology professionals (e.g., enterprise architects and engineers).  This research division completes a holistic research offering that other analyst firms simply cannot offer.  It also allows us internally to collaborate among analysts that specialize in all levels of an IT organization to deliver timely, accurate and tailored research to each individual in an IT organization and specific to their current role.

A while back, my colleague, Lydia Leong wrote two separate blog entries about working for Gartner that I will link here. I encourage you to also read her insights.

Do you love research, analysis and opportunities to expand your insight into IT and the industry as a whole?  Do you have a specific expertise in private, hybrid or public cloud right now?  If so, click the links at the top, apply, and hopefully join our great team!   I look forward to meeting you.  If you would like to engage in a private conversation first, please email me at kyle <dot> hilgendorf <at>

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