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Kirk Knoernschild
Research Director
4 years at Gartner
19 years IT industry

Kirk Knoernschild is a research director covering many aspects of application platform strategies, including development platforms, programming languages and frameworks, mobile application platforms, and the software development life cycle (SDLC). Read Full Bio

The Android Dilemma – Fragmentation

by Kirk Knoernschild  |  April 3, 2012

The best thing that Google can do for the Android ecosystem is develop a world-class piece of hardware that runs the Android operating system. Unfortunately, the worst thing that Google can do for the Android ecosystem is develop a world-class piece of hardware that runs the Android operating system. Yeah, that puts Google in a […]

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A Mobile Kata

by Kirk Knoernschild  |  March 26, 2012

A programming kata is a programming exercise that you repeat many times over. A programming kata is useful for a few different reasons. It helps you learn a new programming language or framework. It helps you hone your skills with a language, framework, or tool you already use. It can provide fresh insight on how […]

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Traceability – Give Me a Break!

by Kirk Knoernschild  |  March 13, 2012

Today, I got an e-mail about a webinar on requirements traceability. Come on, give me a break! Conceptually, the goal of traceability is a noble one. The ability to link artifacts back to stakeholder needs and forward to the design artifacts, source code and tests that realize those requirements help us, among other things, understand […]

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Mobility, Architecture, & Code

by Kirk Knoernschild  |  March 1, 2012

It’s been a while, but it’s good to be back. After a year-long hiatus, I’m back in the blogging saddle. This first post is just a quick “hello” and a shout out to let everyone know what you’ll find on my little corner of the Gartner Blog Network. You’ll find me discussing three things specifically: […]

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The Prime Directive of Software Development

by Kirk Knoernschild  |  August 12, 2010

“Forward and sustainable progress can only be measured through a software system that works. There is no other way!” Those are the words I uttered at our recent Catalyst conference in San Diego when debating the merits of agile development on stage with a colleague. Requirements documentation, architecture and design models, and test plans may […]

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Continuous Integration

by Kirk Knoernschild  |  August 4, 2010

Agile transitions are tough. Real tough! But there are some important practices a team can employ to increase agility without undergoing a massive agile transition effort. One of these practices is Continuous Integration (CI), and I’m hard pressed to imagine a software development team that wouldn’t benefit from a sound CI strategy. After all, if […]

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Software Development & the Technology We Use

by Kirk Knoernschild  |  June 11, 2010

It’s exciting to be part of GBN, and I look forward to sharing opinions with each other. Make no mistake…this is a technology blog. But I hope to blog about technology topics in a way that helps folks understand the strengths and weaknesses of the technology, as well as helping them make the important decisions […]

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