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Top Three Consulting Engagements in October 2012

By Kevin Kampman | October 16, 2012 | 0 Comments

In September of this year, I changed hats from an analyst and returned to my prior role as a consultant. Gartner consulting offers a much deeper set of capabilities and resources than our small team at Burton Group, and it became very attractive to me to join this competent and effective team of people. I’ll be helping to manage the security and risk team operations as well as performing in a delivery role.

One of the biggest changes from my prior consulting life is represented by the types of engagements Gartner is performing. In the past, most everything revolved around identity. Now, however, we are seeing a broadened interest in

Security – Commercial and government organizations are aggressively confronting security and privacy challenges by conducting comparative analyses of their enterprise with respect to industry and peers. These engagements are conducted on enterprise, state, and even larger scales. Interest and attention is being directed at protection of control and manufacturing systems, as well as top to bottom assessments of the network and application infrastructure.

Identity Management – Identity still reigns supreme given Gartner’s heritage; its scope has expanded to address cloud and external identity. Community federation scenarios, social and user managed identity, and consumer-oriented solutions are prompting organizations to reconsider the effectiveness of their existing identity infrastructure.

Mobility – Along with the socialization of identity, the need for mobility strategies is becoming important as new apps and capabilities that are tightly integrated with customers and associates are adopted by the business. This is a key area for mutual cooperation and oversight as adoption and integration of multiple computing platforms increases.

The good news is that Gartner has kept pace with growth. Our methodologies leverage our reference architecture framework which provides the best of our analyst and consulting capabilities. The opportunity to work closely with, and benefit Gartner’s clients, is one I welcome.


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