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Keep Track of Consumer Sentiment to Boost Earned Media

By Karen Lee | April 14, 2021 | 0 Comments

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This time last year, marketers were scrambling to adjust to the new normal, scrapping content plans and adjusting messaging strategies. A year later, marketers face the happier challenge of planning campaigns as the country inches towards recovery.

However, now is not the time to let guards down. Heightened consumer scrutiny towards brands is not going away any time soon. Marketers must continue to take heed of shifting consumer sentiment when creating content.

Social Listening is Key

A majority of user conversations about brands occur on Twitter, as opposed to Instagram and Facebook. Even though Twitter is seen as predominantly a customer service platform, marketers should also use it as a platform to focus social listening efforts on. 

By honing in on user interests and concerns on Twitter, marketers can optimize content messaging strategies and even plan future product improvements.

Uplift, Don’t Upsell

Consumers have gravitated away from promotional content on social media, favoring content that uplifts or inspires instead. Explicitly company-centric content can come across as tone-deaf, especially by consumers who are already emotionally worn out.

As lockdowns begin to lift, marketers must maintain high sensitivity to consumer sentiment when planning content messaging strategies.

Consumers Value Values

Consumers have made it clear social issues are important to them. In fact, almost half of consumers agree brands have a responsibility to address social issues even if it might hurt their profits.

Nike is an example of a brand who successfully addressed social issues in 2020. Prior to 2020, much of Nike’s earned media revolved around product launches and celebrity endorsements. 

In 2020, however, its ad campaigns addressing social issues took center stage. The athletic brand did not shy away from covering issues ranging from public health (e.g. its “Play Inside” campaign encouraging social distancing) to racism (e.g. its “You Can’t Stop Me” ad emphasizing unity among divisive forces).

To learn more about what consumers expect to see from brands and what branded content strategies gained the most buzz in 2020, I encourage you to read Leverage Social Media Platforms to Drive Earned Media.

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