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Let Your Brand Strategy be Your Superpower

By Julie Reeves | April 26, 2022 | 1 Comment

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What is your organization’s superpower?

When I was a kid, I always wondered which would be the best superpower to have. Would it be best to be able to fly, to be invisible, or to read minds? I am still conflicted about the last two, but flying is now off the table given my adult-onset fear of heights. Do you wonder what type of superpower would be best for your organization or marketing team? If you could wave a magic wand, which would you choose: Clear focus and prioritization? Better ROI and efficiency across channels? An empowered team? Giving your customers the clearest reason to choose your brand and only your brand? 

What if I told you, you could have all that for your organization, and more? I know, I sound a bit like a late-night infomercial. Act now! Not sold in stores! But truly, a solid brand strategy is the key that will give you all that and more. Do you find it difficult to make the case for branding in your organization or to justify why branding is important? Read on to understand why strong brand strategies are the superpowers that can take your marketing team, or your entire organization, to new heights (and ones that I am not afraid of). 

A strong brand strategy provides: 

  • Focus and prioritization

If your organization, or marketing team, is aligned around a brand strategy it provides incredible clarity on where to put resources. A good brand strategy is focused and choiceful. Have the strategic conversations necessary to align on the brand strategy and then the rest is execution. “Is this building the brand?” becomes a common question when evaluating new opportunities. If a good case can’t be made, or a clearer brand opportunity is available, the resource choices will be easy to make.

  • Better ROI and efficiency across channels

A good brand strategy enables you to focus messaging on a few key strategic points. As a result of this clarity, all of your messaging across channels will build on one another. You will get efficiency and ROI gains because the messages are working together to support a larger takeaway. Instead of one-off messages, you will have communication with impact that builds as it goes.

  • An empowered team

If your team has a brand strategy, they can use this as their North star in everything they do. Much less time is spent aligning on priorities and the “how” questions about brand activation if everyone is aligned on the end game. A great example of this has always been the ability of the Southwest Airlines staff to give you a consistent brand experience that is uniquely Southwest, but do so in a non-scripted and genuine way. Each person deeply understands the Southwest brand and what makes it special. Because that understanding exists, employees are given license to bring the brand to life in every customer interaction. 

  • Customers who choose you

In marketing, sometimes the conversation turns to which customers you want to “go after”. Ideally though, customers would be coming after your brand. In other words, you have made it so clear to them that you are the best and only choice. They can’t help but choose you. A strong brand is based on deep customer understanding that drives target audiences to your brand. 

  • A clearer innovation roadmap

With a clear brand strategy, you know what customers want. You also know what they WILL want. You will understand how an innovation will be perceived in the market amid competitive forces. This focus and understanding will give you objective ways to prioritize -and de-prioritize- ideas and projects.

  • Better partnerships

Often with partnerships, the better the inputs, the better the outputs. Whether you are partnering with an agency, a channel organization, or another brand, knowing yourself (by knowing your brand strategy) will make all the difference in the quality of the partnership. Your partners will have a clear understanding of what you stand for and where you are going. They will be able to suggest appropriate collaborations more quickly because of that clarity. You will also be able to more objectively look at expected collaboration to ensure it is in fact supporting your brand growth. 

 Want to supercharge your organization internally and externally?  Solid brand strategies deliver all these superpowers, and more, to organizations willing to properly create and use them. Use those brand superpowers and enjoy the view from those new heights they allow you to reach!

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  • A strong brand can help to attract the required target audiences to you. The brand can engage with the individual and help to drive action.