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Juergen Weiss
Research Vice President
5 years with Gartner
14 years IT industry

Juergen Weiss is research director and industry services director in the Gartner Industry Advisory Services group, focusing on insurance. Mr. Weiss covers a number of insurance industry topics, including risk management and… Read Full Bio

Keylane Seeks a Shortcut to a New System and New Territory with the Acquisition of Schantz

by Juergen Weiss  |  April 5, 2017

This is Laurie Shotton. On 3 April 2017, Keylane, a life and property and casualty vendor based in the Netherlands added to their core system portfolio with the acquisition of Schantz. The acquisition is expected to be finalized by end April 2017. The financials of which are undisclosed. The deal is essentially about providing Keylane […]

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Sapiens acquisition of StoneRiver expands the vendor’s footprint in the NA insurance market

by Juergen Weiss  |  February 16, 2017

This is Jeff Haner. On 15 February 2015, Sapiens added to the recent string of insurance M&A announcements with the news that it plans to acquire StoneRiver for approximately $102 million in cash.  This deal is really all about North America. By adding StoneRiver customers – some 200 – Sapiens is buying its way to a […]

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And the winner is… Gartner’s prestigious Cool Business Awards for Americas

by Juergen Weiss  |  October 9, 2015

Gartner’s Cool Business Awards ceremony at Symposium Orlando has been a major success. More than 500 people were in the audience and voted to determine the winners. Those of you who missed this unique session can watch the video on Gartner’s Events on Demand here. Our Cool Business Awards recognize innovative use of technology to highlight “best in […]

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Opportunities and Risks of Digitalization in Insurance

by Juergen Weiss  |  November 26, 2014

Kimberly Harris-Ferrante here: Changes are unfolding quickly in the insurance industry. Pressures to transform are growing, consumer preferences are steadily shifting, and competition becoming more fierce than ever before in many markets. Digital business model transformation is believed to be the answer by many to meet these new business demands. However, while this is a […]

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How mature is your digital strategy?

by Juergen Weiss  |  November 15, 2013

Digitalization in insurance has become one of the biggest buzzwords in the insurance industry during the last 9 months. We have just completed our Symposium in Barcelona and we hosted a group of more than 50 CIOs and IT executives from insurance during a digitalization workshop. We discussed different expectations and experiences with them and […]

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Is the Flurry of Acquisition Announcements a Sign of What is Yet to Come?

by Juergen Weiss  |  March 12, 2013

Kimberly Harris-Ferrante here.  The number of acquisition announcement from vendors has me thinking about what is yet to come in the crowded insurance technology market. The market today is extremely crowded with many best of breed vendors that offer a solution to solve only a single business issue, meet the needs of a single product […]

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AQS Acquisition Reflects P&C Core System Market Trends

by Juergen Weiss  |  March 6, 2013

Jeff Haner here: On March 5 2013 Insurity announced that it had acquired AQS for an undisclosed amount. Insurity has indicated that no changes are planned for the support for existing AQS customers. The AQS offices in Hartland, WI and Nashua, NH will remain open, and no staff reductions are planned. On the surface, there […]

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Location Intelligence: Keeping Track of Covered Assets for Property Insurance

by Juergen Weiss  |  November 5, 2012

Kimberly Harris-Ferrante here: “P&C insurers offering property coverage must embrace new techniques to help lower the cost of physical inspection, increase the accuracy of risk assessment, improve claims handling, reduce fraud, and improve accuracy of pricing and underwriting through greater insight into property risks. For years, companies have questioned how to accomplish this, and began […]

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Industry Sunday at Gartner Symposium

by Juergen Weiss  |  October 21, 2012

Industry Sunday at Gartner Symposium in Orlando has just kicked off. There will be several insurance sessions today focusing on future trends, claims transformation, cloud computing and other topics. One of the key themes of this year is how the Nexus of Forces, combining social, mobile, cloud and information, will further transform and digitalize the […]

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Gartner Symposium Orlando is about to start in one hour

by Juergen Weiss  |  October 16, 2011

While preparing for the kick-off of Gartner’s Orlando Symposium I have been thinking about the relevance of this year’s theme for the insurance industry. The theme “Re-imagine IT” fits very well to the current state of the insurance industry which is in many regions still suffering from a difficult business environment. Emerging technologies such as […]

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