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The Three Topologies in Applications and Infrastructure

By Jonah Kowall | March 09, 2014 | 6 Comments

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We recently published some new research explaining how various topologies are used among different parts of IT organizations. Separate tooling and use cases provide this visibility today. Here are summaries of these three viewpoints:

Application Performance Monitoring (APM) tooling allows for the view from within the application since these tools reside within the application itself. Similarly Network Performance Monitoring (NPM) tools look at the result of the application execution as it traverses the network. These are the two most typical tools providing topologies but there is yet a third topology which is underserved. Application-Aware Infrastructure Performance Monitoring tools are similar to server monitoring tools (typically an agent), but they combine aspects of server monitoring with network monitoring allowing for a more complete picture of the topology of the application as it interacts with other elements on the network.  Over time we expect AA-IPM tooling to blend together with both server monitoring and APM capabilities making this a feature versus a separate set of offerings as they are today.


In the research (sorry, subscribers only) we cover these capabilities in depth, including the tooling which can help such as the offerings from AppEnsure, AppFirst, BlueStripe Software, Boundary, Correlsense, Neebula, ExtraHop, Inetco, and Virtual Instruments.

Clients can access the research here:

How to Leverage Application-Aware Infrastructure Performance Monitoring to Simplify Root Cause Analysis

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  • GP says:

    Jonah – I have read your note and identify completely with your observations. We are definitely seeing a huge convergence among systems, applications, security/network domains especially in highly distributed/horizontally scalable environments. This is very much in line with the SysOps, AppOps, SecOps and FinOps framework – see The only missing element that I can think of is the financial analysis (FinOps). We are currently working on metrics that help organizations assess the relative comparative efficiency of operations through financial data which is readily available from IaaS platforms such as AWS. Thanks again for your research and making the community aware of the importance of APM.

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