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The Challenges of Monitoring Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop

By Jonah Kowall | January 20, 2014 | 3 Comments

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This nostalgic note was my first published when I started at Gartner nearly 3 years ago. Vivek Bhalla has taken over as the lead of this research, updating and spending more time on this research. Vivek and I see quite a number of calls on Citrix specifically, so this research is still relevant, and needed a fresh coat of paint. This topic of monitoring various Citrix technologies has been pertinent as Citrix popularity has continued, and the use cases have changed including more deployments of HVD on top of Citrix. The challenges come from the complexity of the environments and protocols, finally the tools needed to monitor and understand these tools are different than other technologies. We highlight some of the different approaches needed to understand availability (health), and performance of the components and associated infrastructure required to ensure acceptable user experience. We highlight tooling across multiple vendors for both use cases:

Infrastructure monitoring from AppEnsure, AppSense, Citrix, Compuware, eG Innovations, Fluke, Goliath Technologies, Lakeside Software, Netscout, JDSU (Network Instruments), and Riverbed.

Synthetic availability monitoring from Citrix, Compuware, eG Innovations, Lakeside Software, Login Virtual Session Indexer, HP, IBM, and Teveron.

Load testing tools from Citrix, HP, IBM, Login Virtual Session Indexer, and Tevron.

Finally the most advanced tools which track actual end user experience covered include those from AppEnsure, Citrix, Compuware, Extrahop, Goliath Technologies, Liquidware Labs, and Riverbed.

You can find the research here for clients only:

Employ Multifaceted Monitoring Approaches for Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop

16 January 2014

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