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Network Configuration and Change Management (NCCM) Marketscope Published

By Jonah Kowall | November 01, 2011 | 6 Comments

Late last night the NCCM Marketscope was published. This research is something Deb Curtis and I have been working on over the last few months. In case you need a little background, ideally these products facilitate these essential functions:

  • Discover, backup and restore network device configurations
  • Provision new network devices
  • Distribute software updates
  • Make configuration changes
  • Detect and alert on changes
  • Perform a differential audit between configuration versions
  • Establish and enforce compliance with network device configuration policies
  • Provide role-based access to network devices and configuration functions
  • Report on all aspects of network device configuration and change management

Some of the vendors support more complex languages, syntax checking, device modeling, and also multi-vendor support. Over the last several years consolidation has occurred, and we have had some new entrants into the market. Here is a summary of the changes in this market since the last publication in 2010:

Four vendors were added since the previous NCCM MarketScope:

  • CA Technologies entered the market through an OEM relationship with Infoblox.
  • Ipswitch released its WhatsConfigured product after the required ship date of the previous MarketScope.
  • NetBrain Technologies has emerged as a new alternative in the market.
  • Quest Software entered the market through its acquisition of the network management company PacketTrap.

Four vendors were removed since the previous NCCM MarketScope:

  • LogLogic’s Security Change Manager product, originally from the SolSoft acquisition, is no longer generally available.
  • Netcordia’s acquisition by Infoblox resulted in a change of focus toward RTI automation and away from a pure NCCM positioning. Infoblox has established an alternate route to market for Netcordia’s NCCM product through a commercial relationship with CA Technologies, which has been added to this MarketScope.
  • Pari Networks was acquired by Cisco, which already appears in this MarketScope.
  • Uplogix offers a number of NCCM capabilities; however, its focus is to augment centralized management products (including NCCM) with what it calls “Local Management” via direct device access through the console port.

From personal implementations, these products can make major change in the way the network is managed and controlled, especially when you are dealing with networks consisting of large numbers of devices. Keeping consistency is always a struggle, and these products can make that job significantly easier than trying to do so manually.

The link to this newly public research is here :

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  • Rick Brusuelas says:

    Jonah, we at Cisco would like to thank you and Deb Curtis for your careful and fair review of Cisco Prime LMS and all of the current Network Configuration and Change Management offerings. Your work helps drive all of us to improve our capabilities and make networks easier to manage.

  • Have you updated this since 2011? Any plans to do so?

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  • Jonah, we at Cisco would like to thank you and Deb Curtis f

  • Jonah, we at Cisco would like to thank you and Deb