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Our Emerging Technologies and Trends for Enterprise Software just got updated!

By John Kostoulas | October 06, 2021 | 0 Comments

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Exciting news! We have just published our updated Emerging Technologies and Trends Impact Radar for Enterprise Software (full report available to subscribing Gartner clients). Similar to the inaugural publication last year, this is the result of 5 months of extensive team work.

The team included more than 20 co-authors, many more contributors and the entire Technology and Service Provider Software Market Community at Gartner. Our key objective in this update was to address the impact of rapidly reshaped customer expectations for enterprise software product leaders over the last 12 months.

Buyers now expect their software applications to improve their business agility; the ability to quickly deploy new business strategies and overcome unanticipated disruptions.

This Impact Radar discusses 25 emerging technologies and trends with horizontal impact on enterprise software technology providers. They cover both the “what” and the “how”: areas for product investment, foundational technologies and nontechnology trends.

We have added four new technologies and trends: Intelligent Document Processing, Process Mining and Task Mining, Converged Business and Productivity Applications and Blockchain for Business Applications. We have also renamed five existing technologies and trends to better articulate their evolving scope. All other existing technologies and trends feature important updates related to their scoring, vendor landscape and product leader recommendations.

Here is the summary of the Enterprise Software ETT Radar.

Three Main Themes for Enterprise Software Product Leaders

We have mapped these 25 emerging technologies and trends with three über-themes, which have also evolved:

  • Improve Business Agility by Optimizing Existing Product Delivery Capabilities. Deploying tools that dramatically cut development time and skill set requirements provide a further boost in improving time to market. Software providers have already utilized a number of such tools, such as low-code development platforms, since last year. Organizational and team structures are other areas for software providers to make profound changes. Postpandemic, agile and DevOps become business requirements, not just concepts or abstract methodologies.

  • Shift From Products to Business Solutions by Packaging Software and (Other) Technology Components. A range of data-driven technologies with related services has become productized across software markets through this decade and beyond. AI, IoT and hyperautomation are great examples. But customer needs are becoming more specific. Business functions served by software applications align their requirements and ROI with the specific business instead of functional “best practices.”

  • The Future of Composable Enterprise Software Applications Is to Deliver Generative-Style Solutions. Enterprises become more technology-intensive. As a result, enterprise leaders expect their software applications to generate competitive advantage. Product leaders should generate business solutions that can quickly impact specific and changing business strategies. Generative solutions are linked to business strategies, not to lists of business requirements. This is a profound shift for software providers in terms of technology capabilities, but, most importantly, in terms of organizational and business models.

How to Read this Report

We have analyzed each technology or trend in this radar under two significant aspects of impact. The first aspect, called “range,” is measured in years to early majority adoption. Early majority adoption is when technology adoption is “ready for prime time.” The second aspect, called “mass”, examines the extent of the impact on existing products and markets in both breadth and depth.


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This report is part of a series of Emerging Technologies and Trends reports available to subscribing Gartner Clients.



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