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Weird Hunting Analogy and Machines vs Humans

by John Collins  |  July 30, 2020

The more people I talk with about threat hunting, the more I realize everyone has their own opinion and interpretation of what it is. Unfortunately, I believe some entities misrepresent what it is to fit their agenda which matches a lot of human behavior throughout history, but I digress. There are calls within the security […]

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Remote SecOps

by John Collins  |  March 24, 2020

The current threat landscape has pushed us as a society to a place WAY outside our comfort zone. I’m not talking just about the cyber security threat landscape. It’s March 2020 and everyone knows what is going on outside our digital bubble. Organizations have been forced into work arrangements many managers don’t feel comfortable with […]

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Giving a SOC Direction with a Target Operating Model

by John Collins  |  February 4, 2020

My first research note at Gartner focused on SOC target operating model, or SOCTOM.  Create an SOC Target Operating Model to Drive Success provides high level guidance to security and risk management (SRM) leaders. It drives the importance of understanding the current operating model (COM) and defining where they want to be with a target operating model […]

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