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The Evaluation Criteria for Enterprise Network Firewalls Publishes

By Joerg Fritsch | November 06, 2014 | 0 Comments

According to Google Trends the frequency of the search term “Firewalls” still by far outnumbers the search term “cloud computing” and; –it is still pretty predictable that network packets will be touched by the zealous animal named “firewall” somewhere on their way. Thus, I am somewhat excited to announce that the “The Evaluation Criteria for Enterprise Network Firewalls” has been published together with a selection tool from that I wish that I had had this five years ago. Serious.
If you are interested in details that help you to make sense of a mature but fast moving market then you should read this document. While I, as a practitioner, enjoyed to put the Evaluation Criteria together with my colleague Eric Maiwald, I enjoyed to see the selection tool (download link is inside the document) that is based on our criteria even more. You can use this to as basis to
  • Confirm (well, hopefully :D) what you think is important to look for in an Enterprise Firewall Product.
  • Create your very own set of Firewall selectin criteria and have them underpinned with Gartner’s explanations and ratings.
  • Evaluate a Firewall against our criteria and see how they score.
  • Compare two or more firewalls and choose the product that fits better.
Soon we will do part of this work for you for selected firewalls and issue so called In Depth Assessments (IDAs :D). … stay tuned … .

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