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#eSports engaging a generation

By Joerg Fritsch | May 27, 2015 | 0 Comments

Professional video gaming has created a new cohort of superstars, prizes and fans with large scale gaming tournaments and players taking home more than a million USD of annual prize money. Alastair Aiken, an established Web Video Star better known as Ali-A, believes competitive gaming will soon be seen as mainstream as any standard sport across the globe – and even marginalize some. In fact, according to Riot Games in 2014 the League of Legends championship had 27 Mio viewers, while America’s baseball World Series had an average of 14 Mio viewers (source: Nielsen).


While the attractions of established sports can be appreciated by everyone regardless of age, eSports offer unique attractions, such as watching your favorite player commenting on her own game, which cannot be appreciated by every age group alike. For example, Generations X and Y (approximately 1965 – 1990) may only enjoy video games from a first person perspective while Generation Z spends more time experiencing the games from a third or second person perspective. In other words, while many of us (and our clients) are too old to understand online e gaming and eSports, Generation Z gets it.–eSports as the next multi billion digital market opportunity?

What are the digital key-enablers allowing eSports to engage a generation (besides twitch), the revenue streams and the anticipated long term impact on society, the entertainment industry, the advertising industry, the entrance barriers and finally, the intellectual properties that will be in great demand?

Do eSports inspire your firm/ CTO to evaluate their digital product portfolio and IP and find ways to get ready and exploit their portfolio and IP for the emerging opportunity? Just as in traditional sports I forecast that there will be huge field of adjunct digital technologies evolving striving to support for example professional players, events & event organizers, or enhancing the viewer experience in the stadium and in the homes. Isn’t it?

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