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What information security can learn from Big Data

by Joerg Fritsch  |  January 27, 2014

An other movie that I like very much is the film “Minority Report” from the year 2002. –Made approximately half a decade before AWS EC2 had opened its portals. In the film government keeps three brittle people (so called “Pre-cogs”) in sort of a vegetative state and uses them to forecast crimes before they actually happen. Citizens are […]

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“Now you don’t” –deception in the hacktivists’ arsenal

by Joerg Fritsch  |  January 18, 2014

Recently I watched the movie “Now You See Me”. — For the ones that don’t know this movie, it is about four stage illusionists who pull off tricks at an unprecedented scale and as a thoroughly planned side effect do some wiztiism or wizzavism so to speak. An elaborated sort of revenge that brings justice at last. […]

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