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Three Takeaways from Workspace announcements at Google Cloud Next

By Joe Mariano | October 12, 2022 | 0 Comments

Yesterday I had to opportunity to attend Google Cloud Next at Pier 57 in New York City. Overall an enjoyable event. For many, it was their first in-person event in over 2 years.

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I wanted to give a couple of thoughts on the keynote regarding Google Workspace.

  • AI content builder in Workspace – This looks far off BUT has some exciting potential. The AI will help you create more dynamic content by providing some basic details, like videos. The example used is a marketing person needing to create a 90-second video for a new shoe being released. The individual told Workspace was to pull the assets for the marketing campaign, and the AI built the video and included music and signage reasonably quickly. The marketing team then collaborated on what the AI created to fine-tune the message and video overall. Oddly enough, one of the consistent “knocks” on Google Workspace is it doesn’t have a particular WOW factor in terms of big news at events. This content builder tool fills that; now comes the execution. 


  • Companion mode for mobile: Companion mode was initially released in the Fall of 2021 but only for desktop use. It allows for a second screen in a meeting for chatting, raising hands, and other meeting functionality, decluttering the main screen to focus on the meeting. This functionality will be coming to the mobile device in 2023 and has the potential to help streamline hybrid meetings.


  • More than meets the eye between GCP and Workspace – Both GCP and Workspace had their time to shine, and at first glance, it felt like never the two shall meet. The carryover was there, though, if not always explicit. Many of the assets GCP was pulling from came from Google Drive, and it seemed like some of the AI functions, once only available in GCP, are starting to bleed over to Workspace (see bullet 1). One odd announcement is that Looker will integrate with Power BI (Purchased via Microsoft 365 E5 or added to M365 subscriptions). Yet, Google has never really talked about using Looker with Google Workspace; this feels like a lost opportunity.

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